All of us need some type of assistance.  When you need guidance with a financial burden, purchasing a home, transitioning from the military, finding work, counseling, or legal assistance, we have assembled resources that can benefit you.  The point of the resources page is to ensure you have the best services that the surrounding counties offer.  These services have been vetted by Student Veterans like you.  The page will be forever changing, as you find or hear of a company offering valuable services let us know, and the center will sit down and speak with the company to see if the service(s) they offer fit our veteran’s needs.


Campus Resources

Military Family and Life Wiki created by Wright State's Educational Resource Center

External Resources

This website, designed by a student-veteran at WSU, covers the topic of depression within the veteran community. The topic is broken down into three themes: causes, prevention strategies, and treatment options. This page can be a useful resource for veterans  who may be suffering from this mental illness.

Midwestern Higher Education Collaborative


5 Ways to Maximize Your GI Bill-