VA Mental Health Counseling

  • General Number:  (877)927-8387
  • CRISIS HOTLINE:  (800)273-8255 – You are not alone! 
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs provides mental health counseling at seven centers across Ohio.  It also operates a Crisis Hotline offering free and confidential support for veterans and their families.

University Counseling and Wellness Services

  • Counseling and Wellness Services is here to promote optimal health and wellness through the provision of quality service and training to the Wright State University community in a welcoming environment that appreciates multiculturalism and diversity and pursues social justice.  They provide up to 12 free Counseling Sessions per academic year and more for only $10.00 per session.  

Ohio Cares

  • (800)761-0868
  • Ohio Cares is a network of state and local agencies that support the behavioral health of returning veterans and their families.  This program enhances the behavioral health services provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Ohio Combat Veterans

  • (614)777-6040
  • Ohio Combat Veterans is a social program whose goal is to make a veteran’s shift into civilian life, after combat, as smooth as possible.  The program focuses on reducing a veteran’s feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression and lowering the rates of alcoholism and drug abuse.