Student Legal Services

  • Price $11/Semester
  • Student Legal Services is a non-profit law firm employing 2 full-time licensed Ohio attorneys and other legal professionals to provide confidential legal assistance and representation. The services are designed to assist students in resolving issues in areas otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain legal services at affordable prices while allowing them to continue their education at Wright State University.

Natinoal Veterans Legal Services Program

  • (202)265-8305
  • The National Veterans Legal Services Program is a nonprofit organization that protects the benefits of our Nation’s veterans and active duty military by providing legal services to veterans.

Ohio Military/Veteran Leagal Assistance Program

  • (877)759-6182
  • The Ohio Military/Veteran Legal Assistance Project (OMVLAP) is a network of volunteer lawyers who provide free legal assistance to low-income veterans.

The Patriot Program

  • (800)282-0515
  • The Ohio Attorney General’s Office (AG) offers services to address the specific needs of veterans, full-time military service members and mobilized Guard and Reserve personnel.  Through the program, assistant attorneys generals volunteer to provide certain legal services to military personnel and their families at no cost.