Financial Services

Bonus Programs

Military Injury Relief Fund (MIRF)

  • (888)296-7541 (option 5)
  • Fund grants a single payment to service members injured while serving in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, Operation IRAQI FREEDOM or Operation NEW DAWN.

Ohio Veterans Bonus Program

  • (877)644-6838
  • Provides a monetary bonus for eligible veterans who served during the Iraq or Afghanistan Conflicts.


Financial Calculators

  • Interactive tools to assist in calculating automobile and mortgage payments, tax estimates, student loan rates, insurance costs, credit card fees and retirement plans.

Smart Money Choices Workshop

  • (800)228-1102
  • Smart Money Choices is a free financial planning workshop presented by the Ohio Treasurer’s office and support by a variety of statewide and regional partners.  Courses include topics on budgeting, credit and debt management, fraud prevention and local services completely free.


Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • (800)-569-4287
  • HUD-approved housing counseling agencies are available to provide information and assistance on avoiding foreclosure.

Department of Veterans Affairs

  • (800)729-5772
  • The VA may be able to assist veterans who are having difficulty paying their mortgages.  The VA can assist veterans by working with loan servicers to review payment plans or make modifications to their loans that provide more time to make overdue payments.  Veterans Affairs loan specialists can also assist in converting a conventional mortgage to a VA-guaranteed home loan.

Making Home Affordable

  • (888)995-4673
  • Making Home Affordable is a group that works to prevent foreclosure on struggling veterans.  Military homeowners who are displaced by a job-related move may qualify for resources to prevent the loss of their home.

Ohio Heroes Program

  • (888)362-6432
  • The Ohio Heroes program is administered by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA).  Ohio Heroes provides veterans, active military and reserves with all the benefits of OHFA’s first-time homebuyer program at a lower interest rate.

Save the Dream Ohio

  • (888)404-4674
  • The Save the Dream program helps Ohio veterans struggling to make timely house payments.  The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) administers federal funds that help veterans and their families avoid foreclosure when dealing with a loss of income.  This includes rescue payment assistance, assistance in modifying loans and other transitional assistance.

Temporary Assistance

American Legion of Ohio

  • (740)362-7478
  • American Legion of Ohio offers a Temporary Financial Assistance program that provides maintenance grants to assist with basic needs such as:  shelter, food, clothing and utilities.

American Red Cross

Helping Heroes Home

  • (781)561-5801
  • Helping Heroes Home provides emergency funds to returning veterans to assist with cell phone and internet service.

Ohio Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

  • (800)282-0880
  • The Ohio Home Energy Assistance Program is a federally funded program that assists low-income individuals with their heating bills.  HEAP makes payments directly to the utility company.

Health Care

Health Care is a vital part of ensuring that you’re covered financially during an Emergency or Office Visit.  You may be eligible for Health Care through your local VA Medical Center or these other options.