“We are each other’s champion.”

Thank you for your interest in connecting with the Veteran and Military Center at Wright State University. One of the greatest assets and challenges for our new center is how to inform, educate, and incorporate all of the different agencies, individuals, and good will directed towards our veteran and military connected students at Wright State University.

Our motto is “We are each other’s champion.” A champion is someone who fights on behalf of another. We invite you to consider the variety of ways that you can become a champion of our student heroes who served and are still serving.

What do we do?

The Veteran and Military Center at Wright State University is here to assist our veteran and military connected students in achieving their academic, professional, and personal goals – in that order. We focus on four primary areas:

  1. The Efficient Processing of GI Bill Benefits
  2. Academic Success & Advocacy
  3. Career & Leadership Development
  4. Community Development & Engagement

Most importantly, our goal is make sure that our student veterans feel like they belong at Wright State. We want them to have the tools, resources, and support to graduate in a timely manner and transition to their careers as seamlessly as possible.

How can you assist?

There are three primary ways that you can assist our constituents at Wright State:

  1. Giving – Please consider becoming a champion with a donation or money or, for those who are veterans – your story (see our Veteran Voices program).
  2. Volunteer – For those who time and want to assist, volunteering is great way to get involved. At this moment, opportunities to assist our center are limited. As we grow we hope to expand the options available. Please call at (937) 775-5550.
  3. Collaboration – We know that there is a great deal of good will out there wanting to assist veterans and military-connected individuals. If you have a project, idea, community service, or any other initiative that would require partnership, please call us at (937) 775-5550.


It would be very nice if everything we need or thought of fit into one of two categories. If you have a desire to work with the center and do not see a category that fits above, please email us at or call our main line at (937) 775-5550.