Are transfer courses eligible for the new repeat with grade replacement policy?

No. Students who have transferred courses with grades of B, C, or D may take equivalent courses at Wright State. In those cases, the hours earned for the Wright State course(s) will be counted and the grades included in the student’s Wright State cumulative GPA. However, the hours earned for the transfer course will no longer be counted, but the transfer GPA will remain unchanged.

Will courses that can be repeated for credit—like independent study or a course with a different title but same number—be counted in the repeat policy?

No. Courses with variable content can be retaken once or more to affect the student’s cumulative GPA and may result in additional credit hours earned. These courses will not count towards a student’s five grade replacements.

If I repeat courses with grade replacement, will the record of my previous course attempts be removed from my academic transcript?

No. The credit hours earned, if applicable, and GPA effect from those courses will not be included in your credit hours earned or cumulative GPA. However, the earlier attempts still appear on your academic transcript.

I did 4 repeats under "freshman forgiveness" where only the repeated grades counted toward my GPA. I also repeated a course last semester and the grade was averaged in, that is, both the original grade and last semester's grade counted in my GPA. Am I eligible to repeat any more courses with replacement?

Yes, you are eligible to repeat with replacement one more course. A student may have up to five repeats with replacement. Course repeats for which the grades were averaged do not count toward the five maximum.

How many grade replacements am I permitted?

*Students are permitted up to a cumulative total of five grade replacements.

*All courses repeated before the effective date of this policy and affected by the previous repeat policy will be counted toward the five-course maximum. In such cases, there will be no adjustment of GPA for previous terms as well.
*Exception to the five grade replacements policy: Beginning Summer Quarter 2011 through Summer Quarter 2012, students who repeat courses and meet the criteria for the old repeat policy’s 45/60 rule (Freshman Forgiveness) will qualify for grade replacements even if they have exceeded five grade replacements. These exceptions on students’ records will occur as part of the Office of the Registrar’s course repeat process and will not require students to petition.
Which course grades are repeatable with grade replacement under the new policy?

A student may repeat with replacement a course in which a grade of B, C, D, F, or X has been earned. Withdrawals (W) are not counted as repeats.

How Do I Register?

Once admitted, most students are eligible to register online through WINGS Express

You can also register in person at the:

  • Raider Connect, located in the Pathfinder Lounge Student Union
  • Student Services Office at the Lake Campus

You can make changes to your schedule (drop/adds)  or completely withdraw from all of your classes in the same manner.  Specific dates and deadlines for registration, dropping classes and getting a tuition refund can be found in the academic calendar.

How Do I Prepare to Register?
  • Review information on CaTS web page for step by step instructions (PDF) on how to log in to your account, look up classes, register, accept your financial aid award, and pay fees online.
  • Log into your WINGS Express account to :
    • Find your specific registration date.
    • See if you have any holds on your account which will block registration.
    • Opt out of health insurance if you do not want to purchase it.
    • Run your Degree Audit Report (DARS) to see what classes you need to take for your degree program.  This will also show how any transfer work has been applied. 
    • Review the schedule of classes (Online Class Schedule).
    • Make note of any prerequisites or course restrictions on the classes you want to take. 
  • Plan your schedule using the Planning Grid
  • Meet with your academic advisor. 

Some students will need advisor approval to register. Take a copy of your Degree Audit Report (DARS) and your proposed schedule with you to your advising appointment.  Even if you don’t need approval to register, it is a good idea to meet with your advisor periodically.

How do I know what classes transfer from another college or university?

NOTE: This answer is intended to assist current WSU students and does not necessarily apply to prospective transfer students.

  1. You can go online to the www.wright.edu/transfer
  2. You should speak with your advisor since it is the advisor who determines how the transfer credit will apply toward your degree.
  3. A third option is transfer.org. Type in transfer.org and log in as a guest if you have not already set up an account. You should select “Course Equivalency Guide” and select Ohio. WSU Course equivalencies for WSU can be found for many Ohio schools and those in surrounding states.
How do I drop a class after the drop deadline date?

If you experienced extenuating circumstances, such as illness or injury, during the semester, you may submit a petition to drop or withdraw after the deadline to drop.

  1. Undergraduate students need to complete an undergraduate petition form, and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. The form is available on the Registrar’s web page. The Undergraduate Petitions Committee meets monthly (except Dec. and July). Complete instructions are on the first page of the petition form.
  2. Graduate students need to contact the Graduate School at (937) 775-2976 for a graduate petition form and information on the petition process for graduate students.
How do I get my GPA or unofficial transcript?
  1. You can print an unofficial copy of your transcript from Wings Express if you do not have a hold on your account.
  2. You can also come to the Office of the Registrar with photo ID or
  3. You will need to fax a photo ID with a written request. We can mail the unofficial transcript to the student only at the address listed for you in the student information system.
  4. Unofficial transcripts cannot be sent or faxed to a third party.
How do I get verification of my enrollment or a degree earned at Wright State?
  1. The Registrar’s Office automatically verifies enrollment of students through the National Student Clearinghouse four times per semester.
  2. Lenders, potential employers, and third parties can verify your enrollment or degree electronically through the NSC.
  3. You can obtain a letter of enrollment verification at the Registrar’s Office..
How do I get my diploma?
  1. Degrees are posted to academic records between 4-6 weeks after the semester ends. Diplomas and a complimentary transcript are mailed within 7 weeks after the semester ends.
  2. If you want to pick up your diploma, contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@wright.edu or by phone at (937) 775-5588.
  3. Duplicate or replacement Diplomas can be ordered through Alumni Relations at (937) 775-2621 for a cost of $35.
  4. Someone else can pick up your diploma for you if you submit, if you submit a written statement that gives us permission to do so along. The statement will need to include your signature and the name of the person who will be picking up your diploma. The person will need to bring a photo ID when picking up your diploma.
How do I register, drop or add a class?
  1. You can register or add a class online through the first week of a regular term or day 2 of a short term. A link to the online class offerings can be found on the Registrar’s Website. A registration hold on your account will prevent registration/adds.
  2. After the first week of a semester (or beginning on day 3 of a short term), you will need to come to the Registration window with the instructor’s written permission on a registration form. The form is available on the Registrar’s web page.
  3. Drops and adds cannot be processed over the phone.
  4. If you have a hold, you will not be able to drop a class online; however, you can come to the Registration windows during regular business hours.
  5. A late registration fee of $100 per credit hour will be assessed on the 16th calendar day of the semester.
How do I find out how much a class costs per credit hour?

Tuition costs are available online at: http://www.wright.edu/bursar/

How do I get an official transcript?
  1. Federal law requires that students’ requests for transcripts be submitted in writing. Payment is due at the time of the request.
  2. A transcript request form and complete information on how to order a transcript is on the Registrar’s Website.
  3. The cost per transcript is $6.00 for standard (2 business days) processing.
  4. The cost of each transcript to be sent by overnight mail is $20. Requests for this service must be received by 2:30pm.
  5. To hear a recorded message explaining how to order a transcript, call (937) 775-5599
  6. Someone else can pick up your official transcript for you, if you submit a written statement that gives us permission to do so along with your written transcript request and payment. The statement will need to include your signature and the name of the person who will be picking up your transcript. The person will need to bring a photo ID when picking up your transcript.