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photo of military familyMatthew Howerton

I like Wright State because of the atmosphere it provides. All the buildings are close to one another and the tunnel system is great in the winter time. The historical aspects of the college is something every alumni or current student can take pride in. Having Wright Patterson Air Force Base with the Air Force Museum only minutes away, there is always something to do.

photo of studentChristopher Ambrose

I chose Wright State because upon discharge from the military I was looking for a good, mid-sized school. OSU was too big and I wasn't interested in a small liberal-arts school. My family told me they really enjoyed Wright State and its facilities. Being veteran-friendly, they got back very fast with my acceptance.

photo of studentAmie Lea Heller

When I came back to school at 30 I was afraid that I would not be accepted into the program as a peer. I have never met a more supportive staff and student body in my life. As an older student, I face obstacles that a younger student does not, and everyone I have met has been encouraging and positive. I never expected to have such a positive experience.

photo of a studentRick McMaken

I have had some great instructors that I have enjoyed. Chad Garcia in personal financial decisions, Alex Elkins in political life, Carolyn Stoermer in English 101, and Susan Werner in English 102. Chad and Alex were awesome in the way they presented the course material and [it] was always a pleasure to attend their classes. Carolyn and Susan for English, same as above, plus always positive on a person's writing ability, especially mine. The proctors at DEV 095 were also great and understanding, and deserve praise for their professionalism and understanding, as well as patience.

photo of a studentPatrick Schweikart

What surprised me most about Wright State were the many valuable resources and helpful areas for any class. Writing centers, math centers, and tutor services are available to veterans and all students.