Assistive Technologies Research Center

The Assistive Technologies Research Center was developed to conduct basic and applied research on assistive technologies for serving/assisting/improving the quality of the lives of people with disabilities, the elderly, and people at risk. The center is a multidisciplinary, cooperative venture involving partnerships between Wright State and Miami Valley industry, other universities, and governmental organizations.    Nikolaos G. Bourbakis, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-5138; E-mail:

Business Integrity, Institute for

The Institute for Business Integrity provides a forum and resources to continually improve moral competency in business education and to promote responsible practices in the business community. The Institute is aligned with the college mission of developing successful and ethical business leaders and it does so through focused service, teaching, and research activities.  Joseph A. Petrick, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-2428; E-mail:

Defense Studies in Education, Institute of

The Institute of Defense Studies in Education (IDSE) is dedicated to providing high-value educational and research programs using best practices relevant to the United States Department of Defense.  Vikram Sethi, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-4565; E-mail:

Device Development Center

The Device Development Center functions to stimulate and nurture the creativity and ideas of faculty and students in solving engineering and health care engineering-related problems through the design and development of new devices that will bring increased benefits to the way humans live.  Tarun Goswami, D.Sc., Director; (937) 775-5120; E-mail:

Diggs Laboratory for Life Science Research, Matthew O., III

The Matthew O. Diggs III Laboratory for Life Science Research is the focal point for a research corridor encompassing medicine, engineering, computer science, and mathematics. The complex houses about 80 researchers who train graduate and students in molecular genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and cell biology.

Economic Education and Financial Literacy, Center for

The Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy advocates economic education and financial literacy by providing training, professional development, and curriculum support to primary and secondary teachers and community groups.  D.R. Fannin, Director; (937) 775-2322; E-mail:

Engineering Logistics Modeling and Optimization, Center of

The Center of Engineering Logistics Modeling and Optimization (ELMO) conducts and promotes research and applications in the area of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. The center’s mission is to improve company operations performance and the company’s bottom line. Xinhui Zhang, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-5151; E-mail:

Genomics Research, Center for

The Center for Genomics Research at the Boonshoft School of Medicine and College of Science and Mathematics provides support and core facilities for research faculty engaged in basic and clinical research in the areas of gene expression, flow cytometry, and genotyping. Michael P. Markey, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-4494; E-mail:

Global Health, Center for

The Center for Global Health at Boonshoft School of Medicine was developed to improve the quality, efficiency, and access to health care by promoting the education of all health providers in areas of management and health economics. Through interests in preventive and community-based health care, the center works to prevent disease, disability, and lost quality of life. James Ebert, M.D., Director; (937) 775-258-5555; E-mail:

Healthy Communities, Center for

The Center for Healthy Communities at Boonshoft School of Medicine’s Department of Community Health is a community-academic partnership committed to improving the health and well-being of the community, educating its health professionals, and serving as a force for change. Katherine L. Cauley, Ph.D., Director; (937) 258-5546; E-mail:

Innovation Management, Center for

The Center for Innovation Management is an applied research center providing business research, analysis, and planning assistance to companies, inventors, and investors in the Dayton region that have a goal of commercializing technologies, thereby creating jobs in Ohio. Scott D. Williams, Ph.D., Executive Director; (937) 775-4513; E-mail:

International Trade Assistance Center

The International Trade Assistance Center (ITAC) is the starting point for businesses interested in global trade. Counselors review businesses for import/export potential, help them identify their target market and prepare an international business plan. ITAC delivers services through counseling, market research, training and providing contacts, mentors, and resource teams specializing in international business aspects such as banking, law and intellectual property. Earl Gregorich, A.A.S., C.B.A., District 4 Lead Center Director, Ohio SBDC; (937) 775-4761; E-mail:

Interventions, Treatments and Addiction Research, Center for

The Center for Interventions, Treatment, and Addictions Research (CITAR) at Boonshoft School of Medicine is a focal point for substance abuse–related services, academic research, and services research with a goal of understanding the substance abuse phenomena and their intervention and management in smaller and mid-sized cities and their surrounding suburban and rural communities. Robert G. Carlson, Ph.D., Director; (866) 217-1205 (toll free) or (937) 775-2066; E-mail:

Lake Campus Business Enterprise Center

The Lake Campus Business Enterprise Center in Celina, Ohio offers professional, cost-effective services to support the area’s business and industrial economic development. Included in these services are training courses that can enhance the technical skills necessary for a successful workforce. Julie Miller, Director; 1-800-237-1477 ext. 8355; E-mail:

Lifespan Health Research Center

The Lifespan Health Research Center is part of the Department of Community Health within the Boonshoft School of Medicine. It is comprised of two divisions — the Division of Epidemiology and the Division of Morphological Sciences and Biostatistics. Research in the Division of Epidemiology focuses on examining risk factors and health consequences for a number of common diseases, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, sarcopenia and osteoporosis. Research in the Division of Morphological Sciences and Biostatistics focuses on determinants of craniofacial morphology, genetics of bone and joint health, longitudinal modeling of growth, and assessment of skeletal maturity. LHRC also houses the Fels Longitudinal Study, the world's largest and longest running study of human development, growth, body composition and aging. Wm. Cameron Chumlea, Ph.D., Executive Director; (937) 775-1437; E-mail:

Nanoscale Multifunctional Materials, Center for

The Center for Nanoscale Multifunctional Materials serves as a focal point for science and engineering research and education in the expanding field of nanoscale materials and devices. It fosters multidisciplinary research and education efforts of university faculty, industrial partners, and collaborators from federal laboratories. Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-5092; E-mail:

Nursing and Health Research, Center for

The Center for Nursing and Health Research (CNHR) provides a forum for developing or refining ideas for scholarly productivity. The CNHR offers monthly “Brown Bag Sharing Sessions” for disseminating findings from conferences. The CNHR provides a wealth of resources for submitting internal and extramural funding supporting nursing interventions that improve behavioral outcomes or eliminate preventable health threats associated with lifestyle choices, social ills, and environmental factors. Barbara A. Fowler, Ph.D., PHCNS-BC, Director; (937) 775-2607;

Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio

The Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio was established to develop new strategies to recruit and retain nurses from a 16-county area in West Central Ohio by addressing supply and demand nursing problems, providing a setting to test new technology and futuristic health care delivery systems, and investigating ways to blend technology and human care. Debi Sampsel, M.S.N., Executive Director; (937) 775-3940;

Ohio Small Business Development Center

The Ohio Small Business Development Center offers no-cost, confidential, professional, business counseling in such areas as business management, government regulations, financing, international trade, and product development to help start a business, grow a business, and stay in business. Earl Gregorich, A.A.S., C.B.A., District 4 Lead Center Director, Ohio SBDC; (937) 775-4761; E-mail:

Operator Performance, Center for

The Center for Operator Performance is an alliance of academic and process companies to research generic issues in human factors and process operator performance with a goal of identifying, analyzing, and disseminating research in such areas as selection/training, interface design, decision aides, automation, procedures, and control room design. The ongoing research at the Center for Operator Performance is a project led by the Wright State Research Institute (WSRI).  S. Narayanan, Ph.D., Executive Director, WSRI; (937) 775-5163;

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center addresses employment issues among persons with disabilities and co-existing substance use disorders by providing training, technical assistance, and rehabilitation research. Josephine F. Wilson, D.D.S., Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-1484; E-mail:

Supply Chain Transformation, Center for

The Center for Supply Chain Transformation is already a proven leader in the region, providing supply chain programs and expertise for businesses, economic development officials, and students. The center fosters workforce development and job creation, creates research synergies with national/global industries, attracts businesses to the region to support their training, education, and research needs, and promotes economic development for new businesses in the state of Ohio.  Dwight Smith-Daniels, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-4189;

Semiconductor Research Center

The Semiconductor Research Center performs basic research on semiconductor materials, with its scientists publishing in professional journals and organizing and attending many international conferences and workshops.  David Look, Ph.D., Director; (937) 528-8741;

Surveillance Research, Center for

The Center for Surveillance Research (CSR) comprises an NSF I/UCRC (Industry/University Cooperative Research Center) as well as other related research projects. The goal of the CSR is student-centric research projects in the area of sensor exploitation and ATR theory. Collaborators and supporters include the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Research Lab, Army Research Lab, various industry partners, and The Ohio State University. Brian Rigling, Ph.D., WSU site director; (937) 775-5100;

Technology-Based Learning, Center for

The Center for Technology-Based Learning supports an interdisciplinary collaboration among four Ph.D. programs to advance an institutional commitment to diversity by providing universal access to education and professional careers for people with disabilities. John M. Flach, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator for IGERT; (937) 775-2391; E-mail:

Urban and Public Affairs, Center for

The Center for Urban and Public Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts is involved in projects and outreach both locally and statewide that address a wide range of social, economic, environmental, governance, and spatial issues.  Jack L. Dustin, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-2285; E-mail:

Workforce Development and Labor-Management Initiatives, Center for

The Center for Workforce Development and Labor-Management Initiatives is a catalyst for positive change for external organizations in the Greater Miami Valley area to meet today’s workplace challenges through the development of innovative solutions to real-world problems. Services include one-on-one coaching, consulting, facilitating meetings/retreats, and instructing courses in leadership/professional development.  Sandra D. Kennedy, Director; (937) 775-4706; E-mail:


Collaborative Centers with External Partners

Advanced Power and Energy Conversion, Center for

The Center for Advanced Power and Energy Conversion is a joint center between the Air Force Research Laboratory and Wright State for plasma and fuel cell research. Students have the opportunity to work on practical engineering projects and interact with researchers and engineers at AFRL and different companies.  George. P.G. Huang, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-5040;

Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute

The Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute (DAGSI) is an innovative, collaborative arrangement between the Air Force Institute of Technology, the University of Dayton, the Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright State University, The Ohio State University, and University of Cincinnati with a goal to synergistically share faculty expertise and research facilities. Elizabeth Downie, Director; (937) 781-4005; E-mail:

Ohio Imaging Research and Innovation Network

The Ohio Imaging Research and Innovation Network involves Wright State, Case Western Reserve University, and The Ohio State University, and endeavors to support research and education in the field of medical imaging, thus creating intellectual property that will lead to commercialization and the creation of jobs in Ohio. Thomas Hangartner, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-5044; E-mail:

Wright State Center for High Performance Computing

The Wright State Center for High Performance Computing is a joint Cradle/Wright State center for high-performance computing. Cradle is a leading Japanese company in computational fluid dynamics. Students have the opportunity to work on practical engineering projects and interact with researchers and engineers.  George P.G. Huang, Ph.D., Director; (937) 751-2623; E-mail:


Non-academic Centers

Mathematics and Science Education, Center for

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE) is responsible for overseeing and coordinating interdisciplinary STEM courses and degree programs for educators offered jointly by the College of Education and the College of Science. The Center supports and facilitates faculty research and professional development for school based educators pertaining to all aspects of STEM education including curriculum, learning, schooling, teacher education and public policy affecting these domains. Edgar A. Rutter, Ph.D., Director; (937) 775-3168; E-mail:

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center is a research support service in the College of Science and Mathematics which assists researchers both internal and external to the University in experimental or survey design, data management, opscan form design and scanning, data analysis, interpretation of results, and general statistical problem-solving. The Center also provides statistical education opportunities.  Harry J. Khamis, Ph.D. Director; (937) 775-2433; E-mail: