Current First-Year Seminars

A First-Year Seminar is a group of approximately 25 students who share similar interests, majors, or classes. Students get to know their First-Year Seminar group really well, allowing them to have a growing network of friends and people they can turn to when they have questions or need help. Many of these seminars are open to all majors.


Fall 2017 First-Year Seminars (subject to change)

Disability Services First-Year Seminars

STEM Students with Disabilities

First-Year Seminars for Athletes

Sports and Society


Beginning in Business
Caring for Nursing
Engineered for Success
Exploring International Films
First-Year Seminar for all majors
Survey of Computer Science and Engineering
World Languages & Cultures

Interdisciplinary First-Year Seminars

African-American Student Success
American Mosaic of Culture
Exploring Business
Exploring College of Education and Human Services
Exploring Liberal Arts Majors
Exploring Majors
Exploring Majors Living on Campus
Exploring Nursing
Exploring STEM Majors
Gender-Sexuality Alliance
Honors Exploring International Films
Honors First-Year Seminar for all majors
Honors World Languages & Cultures
Sports & Society
STEM Students with Disabilities
Students of Color & Leadership
Want to Work on Campus
Women in STEM Majors

Residential First-Year Seminars

Business Majors Living on Campus
Exploring Majors Living on Campus
Nursing Majors Living on Campus