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More than Auditing…

In addition to traditional auditing activities, University Audit and Consulting Services can work hand in hand with managers to strengthen operations by:

  • Evaluating Risks: Identifying activities and relevant risk factors and assessing their significance, determining the source of these risks, and assigning a relative value to them; offering remedies for current trouble areas and anticipating future problems.
  • Reviewing Compliance: Reviewing an office's compliance with internal or external policies and procedures and legal requirements; providing insight into the impact of any noncompliance found.
  • Recommending Controls: Examining and evaluating the processes, organizing, planning, and directing; providing information based on findings and recommending controls, focusing on ethical values, consistency in meeting goals, and performance measures.
  • Safeguarding Assets: Reviewing safeguards used by an office to protect assets against loss, theft, fire, and illegal or improper activities; making recommendations on remedies for process improvement.
  • Evaluating Reliability of Information: Evaluating the information provided to gain insight into the reliability of the information; drawing out unrecognized or under-recognized facts that could provide insight into an office's operations.