Vinicius Vargas, Senior Vinicius Vargas




Organizational Leadership



Clubs and Organizations:

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Interfraternity Council, National Residence Hall Honorary, Wilbur and Orville Wright Leadership Academy

Why Wright State?

I had been to campus several times before even applying here and I loved the atmosphere as well as the small school feel that we have to our campus even though our campus is pretty big. But most importantly, the people here were so incredibly nice and welcoming that I just couldn’t go anywhere else!

Feeling At Home

I LOVE living on campus! It helped me connect to campus as well as get involved and meet probably 99% of the friends I have. Living on campus has many benefits aside from what I mentioned before: you get all utilities included (water, electricity, cable, WiFi, etc), you are within a 7 minute walk from all of your classes, shuttles run from all communities from 7am – 6:45pm, as well as many others!

A Little Advice

Wright State does change lives. I got here a lost, shy young adult and now I am an extrovert, goal oriented and focused young professional. WSU has given me the best opportunities in my career field as well as helped me find my passion. Without Wright State I would still have no clue of what I wanted my career path to be and I could not be more grateful of everything this university has done for me.

A Few of My Favorite Things

My absolutely favorite spot on campus is the Student Organizations Complex. I love being able to come into that spot and seeing hard working student leaders trying to make a difference on our campus! It really inspires me to work hard in my student organizations.

My favorite class was my OL 3040 class for a few reasons: I loved the subject, our class was about assessing individuals, teams, organizations and environments as well as how to use those assessments to find an organizational issue and then train the team, company or individuals on how to end that issue. My professor made the class so much fun and we all learned a lot through lecture, activities and assignments.

I have to say the best experience on campus for me was being in my Fraternity. Sigma Phi Epsilon has really helped me find who I really am and also has given me a huge amount of leadership and networking experiences as well as conference opportunities to develop myself as a brother, leader and student. Without my chapter I would never have found out that I wanted to work with Greek Life for the rest of my life and I am so grateful of everything my national organization and my brothers have done for me in these past 3 years I have been a part of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

12 Random Questions

What is in your burrito?
White Rice, either spicy barbacoa or steak, black beans, hot salsa, cheese and sour cream!

How many hours a day do you spend on Social Media (i.e. Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest)? (come on, be honest!)
Too many, probably around 5-6 hours a day! But on my defense I do have to update Social Media for a couple of my organizations! J

Pick your addiction:

Computer/online gaming

What was your most embarrassing high school moment…that you can share?
I used to do theatre in high school, and on the closing night of our Spring musical, “Little Shop of Horrors”, while I was bringing the main billboard down I missed the spiked mark on the rope and slammed it on the floor while the audience was coming in and getting seated. I was so embarrassed but I didn’t feel as bad when we saw that the mark had fallen during the night!

What is your workout routine?
To be honest, I need to get back into it. I used to dance as my workout and believe me it worked beautifully. But lately I have been failing at hitting the gym or any other type of physical activity aside from Volleyball.  

Where did you hang out last night/weekend?
Well, most weekends I spend hanging out with my best friend Pat Holbrook at his place. And since he just graduated and is getting ready to move to WV for Law School, this past weekend was no different!       

What is the last concert you went to?
It was on February 27th, I went to my favorite EDM artist’s concert, Tiesto, in Columbus OH.

What music are you listening to right now?
I have been in the biggest musical theatre kick lately so I have been listening to the TV show Smash non-stop. I know it’s not necessarily musical theatre since it’s a TV show, but its main focus is on it so I got really into it!

Dream job…where would it be and what would you be doing?
My dream job is to be the Greek Life Advisor at a medium size university. Oh, who am I kidding? I want to eventually come here to Wright State and advise the Greek Community!   

If you are going to the movies, what are you going to see?
If it’s not a musical theatre turned into a movie, then is either a comedy like “Bridesmaids” and “Pitch Perfect”, or a suspense/horror movie.        

What team are you on?

Team iPhone
Team BlackBerry
Team Droid
Team 2009 called and they want their old cell phone back

What is your favorite place to go off-campus? What is your favorite spot around the Dayton area?
My favorite place to go off campus is definitely The Pub at the Greene. They have the most amazing food selection and the atmosphere is great to just come in and take your time to eat and hang out, and every chance I get I will be there with my friends!