Neldys Crespo, Senior

Neldys Crespo


Huber Heights, Ohio


Vocal Performance and Spanish Education

Clubs and Organizations:

CJMclin Scholars club and University Choir

A Little Advice

Do not be afraid your first day here at Wright State! I know that it is scary being a freshman and entering in the college world for the first time, but I promise it is not that bad! The students and faculty are very nice and are so helpful to help you achieve your goals.

Preparing for the Future

My career goal at the moment is to be and opera singer one day, and the music program has helped with my singing and performance, but most importantly hit has helped me to read and really understand what music is about.

Outside of the Classroom

Wright State is full of diversity, with students and teachers from different cultures and backgrounds. What I love about Wright State is the Multicultural center because they really do work to help others students learn about all the different type of culture we have here on campus.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Neldys Crespo.jpg

Creative Arts Center because I practically live theater. People just like me, especially classical singers, roam around the CAC all the time and all my friends are there as well.

Music Theory because I finally got to learn about how music truly works and my teacher is phenomenal! He is just so sweet and he really cares about his students, and he helps us any way he can.

Miscellaneous Questions

What is in your burrito?
Carnitas, rice, black beans, sour cream,  salsa, tomatoes, lettuce and guacamole.

How many hours a day to you spend on facebook? (come on, be honest!)
Two maybe three hours a day.

Pick your addiction:
Xbox One
Computer/online gaming
None of the above

What was your most embarrassing high school moment…that you can share?
One time I was walking outside down a hill and it was raining, and I slipped and I got mud all over the bottom of my pants.

What is your workout routine?
I do not work out.

Where did you hang out last night?
I was at a concert for Collegiate choir.

What is the last concert you went to?
Collegiate choir Concert at Wright State.

What music are you listening to right now?
Salsa music

Dream job…where would it be and what would you be doing?
Be a part of an opera singing on a stage with thousands of people watching with orchestra playing in the background.

What team are you on?
Team iPhone
Team Windows
Team Droid
None of the above

What is your favorite place to go off-campus? What is your favorite spot around the Dayton area?
My favorite spot off campus is my house because I can relax! Being a college student, I really do not have time to relax, but when I go home I do.