Lynne Schroeder, Junior

Lynne Schroeder


Woodville, OH



Clubs and Organizations:

CoNH Dean's Student Advisory Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Honors Association, Golden Key

A Great Choice

On my visit to WSU, I didn’t meet a faculty member that wasn’t kind, helpful, and happy to see or meet me. The campus is small yet has many students from all walks of life and my credits from OCC made it so I will graduate a semester early.

When I was visiting WSU for the first time I met with Teresa H., a nursing advisor about the possibility of transferring my credits from OCC to WSU and how they would impact my education and what classes I would be excluded from or still need to take. She was very understanding of my situation, extremely knowledgeable about which classes would transfer and made my transition to WSU as painless as possible. I fully expected to have to argue for some of my credits to transfer but with her, it was not a big deal and everything transferred and made it so I can graduate a semester early. She made me feel as though WSU was not just out for my money, but truly cared about my future and what was best for me.

A Little Advice

WSU has a big population with a small campus feel. It’s a great choice for students not sure if they want to go to a huge college because they will get all the experiences of being at a big school but will see friendly faces they know everywhere they go. If you have questions, just ask. The worst mistake new students can make is to wander in the dark because they did not seek out the information they need.

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Preparing for the Future

My career goal is to become a nurse on a cardiac unit in the hospital. WSU is helping to prepare me by giving me hands on experience in the hospital and offering me the one of the best educations in Ohio.

A Few of My Favorite Things

The 3rd floor of the library. It’s quiet, but not too quiet. I can study for as long as I need and if I need a break, there are great big windows to go stand by and look out over campus.

First weekend. I was a first weekend leader during the beginning of last year. It helped me learn more about campus and get to share some of my experiences with new students. It was great to help them with their transition to WSU.

Pathophysiology.  It’s a very challenging course and the material is sometimes difficult to grasp but it introduced me to many different diseases and will help me be able to recognize them in a clinical setting.

Outside of the Classroom

I was employed by the chemistry department as a CHM 102 TA for two quarters. It helped build my confidence to speak in front of groups and also helped me interact with new students and be able to help them as they started to apply for nursing school. It was a great job to have as it looks great on a resume but also has given me more knowledge of chemistry, a subject I love but am not required to take more of.

12 Random Questions

What is in your burrito?
Ground beef, black beans, lettuce, corn, sourcream

How many hours a day to you spend on facebook? (come on, be honest!)
1 – I study all the time! Haha

Pick your addiction:
Computer/online gaming
None of the above - studying


What was your most embarrassing high school moment…that you can share?
I don’t get embarrassed easily.

What is your workout routine?
I love to run. This past fall I ran the Air Force Base half marathon and in April I ran a Spartan race with some friends.

Where did you hang out last night?
My boyfriend’s house.

What is the last concert you went to?
Winter Jam – Christian music shin dig with many different Christian bands and singers.

What music are you listening to right now?

Dream job…where would it be and what would you be doing?
Working as a nurse on a cardiac floor.

If you are going to blow 10 bucks at the movies, what are you going to see?
The Avengers!

What team are you on?
Team iPhone
Team BlackBerry
Team Droid
Team 2009 called and they want their old cell phone back
None of the above

What is your favorite place to go off-campus? What is your favorite spot around the Dayton area?
Charleston Falls. It’s a great place to hike and hang out with friends. It also gets me away from school and keeps me from worrying about my homework or tests I have coming up.