It's all about you…

How you want to live, where you want to live, and who you want to live with. When you fill out your housing application you will have the chance to make a request for special environments and lifestyles like: Photo of students in Honors lounge area

Roommate Request

Students have the option to request a specific person they would like to live with for the year. All roommate requests must be made by May 1. Each request must be identical, so if you put your friend down, he/she must list you too.


All residence halls are non-smoking buildings.

Living Learning Communities

In a Living Learning Community, first-year students take three common classes together in a small group of no more than 25 and live on the same floor. One of your classes, UVC 101 will be co-instructed by an academic advisor from University College and a staff member in Residence Life. UVC 101 is a first-year student success course that teachs adjustment to college life, academic success strategies, personal development, and career development.

Honors Living Learning Community

The Honors Community provides a quality living environment that allows students to grow and foster in their academic and personal lives. This community was built with the goal of establishing a living environment that would allow high achieving students to interact, grow, and develop together. A select faculty member serves as faculty-in-residence each year, living in the heart of the community. Also included in this community is an electronic classroom—where select honors courses are taught, a convenience store, café, and computer labs.

Engineering and Computer Science Community (ECSC)

ECSC is a housing option for first-year students majoring in engineering or computer science. You will have the opportunity to meet and live with other first-year students majoring in a similar subject. Plus, the teaching assistant for EGR 190/191, an introduction to engineering course, will be living in the residence hall with you. Special activities and services are available for students, including tutoring, special speakers, seminars, and help rooms.

Want to know more about on-campus housing options? Please visit the Office of Residence Services site for the most up-to-date housing information.