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May 12: “Freshman FAQ and What’s Next for Admitted Students”

Date: May 12, 2014

Topic: Freshmen FAQ

Guest: Katie Halberg, Wright State Social Media

Q1 What are some scholarship programs for sophomores in high school?

A1 Most scholarships are geared toward first-year students...BUT you're not out of luck. Check out WRIGHT STEPP and other STEM scholarships that you can look into now. here is a link for all first-year scholarships: http://bit.ly/1g2oIuH

Q2 When does the $150 housing deposit need to be in by?

A2 You should pay it when applying, @wsuhousing?

Q3 When is Move-In Day for fall?

A3 Thurs, Aug 21

Q4 I play the flute. What programs are good for me? I don’t want to major in that though.

A4 No worries if you're not a music major. There are a lot of classes, clubs, and ensembles you can join. :)  Here is a great web page about music for non majors: http://bit.ly/SURROu

Q5 Why is it now freshman are getting direct admit into the nursing program, I’m not in it yet so shouldn’t it apply to me too?

A5 Nursing is continually adjusting their program for improvements. Check with CONH for details: 775-3132

Q6 Can you change your orientation date? And if you've already applied for housing can you still request a roommate?

A6 You can change your Orientation date by logging back into your account at wright.edu/orientation. You can log back in to your housing account to add a roommate, even if you've already applied for housing.

Q7 I either want to be a kindergarten teacher or psychologist. What are those programs like?

A7 The education and psychology programs totally rock. But, you probably knew we'd say that. ;)

Q8 How can new students meet people before classes start?

A8 new students can meet other new Raiders by using the #WrightState18 hashtag AND on Facebook.  Join the Facebook group at http://bit.ly/wsuclassof18  ... And no worries, users are approved by admissions. No creepers!

Q9 Will you accept me if i get B’s? I am worried if I don’t get straight A’s I won’t get accepted?

A9 In high school? Our admissions process is based on many things, with GPA just 1 item.

Q10 What is Welcome Week and why should new freshmen be excited about it?

A10 Welcome Week is the 1st week of fall semester. Sooo much fun! First Weekend activities, president’s cookout. It’s a week where we get to meet staff and take in campus life! It’s important because it’s the foundation of being a college student! Open houses, campus tours, comedy show, and--my favorite--Boogie on the Bricks.

Q11 Is it easy to make friends at wright state? And are there Christian groups to get involved?

A11 We have student groups for almost every religious affiliation, and a new campus chapel. Gorgeous! Here is a link to some orgs you might be interested in http://bit.ly/studentorgsreligion …

Q12 Can you have a car on campus your freshman year?

A12 Yuppers! :)

Q13 Who -- or what -- is BART?

A13 Big A** Red Thing?! pic.twitter.com/Rf7y4nc21X

Q14 Is it REALLY called that???

A14 Lol. BART is a campus sculpture, which is actually called Turning Points.

Q15 Where can I use my Wright1 card?

A15 The Wright1 Card can be used at sooooooooo many places, both on and off campus.  Your Wright1 Card is your meal card, spending money, library card, door key, fitness center pass, and more.  You get to upload your own pic for your card using the Orientation website (http://www.wright.edu/orientation )

Q16 When do freshman get their roommate assignments?

A16 , @wsuhousing sends out roommate assignments in July. Plenty of time to make plans w roomies.

Q17 What's good in the campus Dining halls?

A17 Denny's All Nighter makes THE BEST milkshakes, Pizza Hut is always a win, and Jamba Juice is my fave.  Follow our Hospitality Services at @eatatwsu for fun info.  AND Tim Hortons for breakfast! YUM. Oh, oh, oh... You're right! CANNOT go more than a day or two without some Tim Hortons. :)

Q18 I haven't applied for my dorm yet. How do I do that?

A18 Apply for Housing at http://www.wright.edu/housing  -- and Tweet them @WSUhousing :)

Q19 Where can I find a job on campus?

A19 Check out Career Services website for info about our thousands of on-campus jobs. http://bit.ly/wsucareerservices … We also have tons of restaurants, shops, & a mall nearby for additional employment opportunities.

Q20 How do I get ahold of a AFROTC recruiter to talk about eligibility for scholarships?

A20 Contact the AFROTC at http://www.wright.edu/academics/prog/rotc :)  Here is a scholarship opportunity, @hannahpalmer16http://bit.ly/afrotcscholarship …

Q21 Do you use a student’s ACT or SAT score to place into classes or is there an evaluation involved?

A21 We do both. A certain score will exempt a student from placement tests.  Here is a link containing math and writing placement test info: http://bit.ly/placementtesting2014


May 19: “What to Expect At Orientation”

Date: May 19, 2014

Topic: What to Expect At Orientation

Guest: Anna Schrag, current student and Orientation Leader

Q1 What should I be expecting after orientation? Will I get my class schedule there?

A1 You will meet with your advisor to go over your class schedule during orientation.

Q2 Is Wright State going to feed me at orientation???

A2 Of course you get food at orientation! You get to try our wonderful Union Market!

Q3 When is Wright State going to get @TacoBell back?

A3 I do not believe we are getting it back. I know, I miss it too. #riptacos Wouldn't that be great?! At least there is one just a nice, healthy walk across the street. Whew!

Q4 Will a tour of campus and housing be offered at orientation?

A4 You'll not only get to tour campus, but you also get the option of seeing all the different dorm styles on campus.

Q5 What is the price of an overnight stay during orientation?

A5 Staying overnight is free for the student and $28 for parents.

Q6 I want to learn how to play another instrument, do any classes offer a course on it?

A6 We do offer classes for non-music majors, but I think you need to know how to play the instrument already.  We don't have classes to teach you how to begin with. But I bet you can meet students who can teach you!

Q7 Are we going to be able to talk to professors one-on-one at orientation?

A7 You can talk with your advisors, but as for a specific professor, I do not believe so.

Q8 How is the theater program at Wright State? #DreamsOfBroadway

A8 Our theater program is phenomenal!

Q9 Will future students have time to mingle with one another before the orientation begins?

A9 OF COURSE! We want you to meet as many people as possible! Who knows, you could find your future roommate!

Q10 How do you request someone as your roommate?

A10 When you sign up, it asks you if you want to pull in someone. @wsuhousing will be at orientation to help!  If you already have someone in mind and if you've already applied for housing, you can request a roommate by logging back into your account on the housing website and adding her.  Make sure that BOTH you and your roommate list each other! :)  You and she are still able to edit your roommate preferences up until July 8th. Try reaching out to her!

Q11 How early should I arrive for my orientation session?

A11 Check-in starts right at 8am and orientation starts at 8:30am. I'd say get here by 8:15 to be safe!

Q12 Are there dance classes offered at Wright State?

A12 We have dance classes offered as credit, but you can also take a few for free through our Rec Center!  And don't forget to check out our Emerald Jazz dance team if you're REALLY into dance!  Get connected--follow @WSUEmeraldJazz

Q13 What are learning communities and why are they important in my first year?

A13 LC's are when you have a class of 20 students (UVC class) who also share a bigger class like pysch.  They are groups of students who share the same interests or major that can help you get through your freshman year :)  They are important because it helps you form a study group as well as new friends!  They are set up based on your interests/preferences, so fill those out! I had a campus rec one my 1st year!

Q14 Will there be a Wright State App soon to manage all of my accounts?

A14 YES! It's coming out mid-July. However it's going to be for Androids first. They're working on the iPhone.

Q15 What are the top three best things about orientation and why should i be psyched about it?

A15 1. You meet new future students! 2. You get to hear about our common text. 3. You are officially a RAIDER! 4. Being me, of course! #jokes

Q16 When can a student start applying for a campus job?

A16 As early as right now! I got my 1st job before school even started. Go here to find all the listings: https://www.myinterfase.com/wrightstate/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=/wrightstate/Student AND for #wrightstate18 students to find an on campus job - the Virtual Job Fair in July! http://bit.ly/virtualjobfair2014 … Those dates are for last year, but keep checking for updates as we get closer to July.

Q17 What's the common text and why should i read it??

A17 DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Our common text is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green!  You should read it because English classes, as well as freshman classes, use it the first few weeks.  I just finished my copy and it was PHENOMENAL! #Icried

Q18 When do we take placement tests? During Orientation?

A18 It's highly recommended you take them before orientation. So you get placed in a class that is your level.

Q19 How would I take it? By going on campus or can I do it online?

A19 The math test you take on campus. I believe you have to schedule it. The English one can be taken at home!  Here is a link to placement test policy for math and writing: http://bit.ly/placementtesting2014 … You're automatically placed in a math class based on your ACT or SAT math score.  If you want to challenge your math placement, you can take the placement test on campus.  Email futureraider@wright.edu if you have more questions about placement tests. It can be a little confusing!


May 26: Memorial Day – no chat

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

June 2: “Calling Wright State HOME”

Date: June 2, 2014

Topic: Calling Wright State HOME

Guest: Wright State Housing (Carol Rader) and current student and Housing Social Media Manager, Brooke Horton

Q1 How do you request a roommate?

A1 You can send an email to housing@wright.edu with your information and submit your roommate request. #wrightstatechat #WSULiveOn

Q2 I have a question for @blauryn13! Tell us about yourself...major, what do you do on campus, etc.?

A2 I'm a sophomore at WSU, majoring in Marketing & I manage the social media for housing & take pics at events!

Q3 Have you lived on campus and if so, where? What was your favorite part?

A3 I lived in Honors last year & I loved it! I made amazing friends & the Bridge Cafe was only a few steps away.

Q4 Here is the most frequently asked question...When will I get my room assignment and roommate information?

A4 You will receive your room assignment and information anywhere from late July to early August.

Q5 Is there an earlier date to move in? My twin sister and I are going to separate colleges and I might have to move in early.

A5 We actually don't allow early move-ins unless they are special circumstances bc the rooms won't be ready.

Q6 How much of honors orientation would I miss and would I miss something important if I leave at 2:30 in the afternoon?

A6 From 1 - 3:30 there are sessions: academic advising, get your Wright1 card, bookstore and WINGS Express info.  As long as you have your schedule finalized and you have your Wright1 card, you're good to go!

Q7 What's the move-in date this year for upperclassmen?

A7 Move in day for returners is Sat., Aug. 23 from 9 am to 3 pm.

Q8 What are the pros and cons about living on campus?

A8 All pros! You make tons of friends, stay more involved, get better grades, & don't have to drive in bad weather!  Don’t forget..you won't have a single parking complaint!!! :D  Also, you only have to pay one bill instead of separate ones for water, electric, internet, etc. Less to forget!  So many advantages to living on campus! There are programs, study groups, events, no parking worries or fighting traffic.

Comment from @WSUHousing: Did you know that we have new room configs this year? Super Singles and Double Deluxe! More space more room your home!

Q9 How will students be notified of housing and roommate assignments?

A9 Via email to their WSU account (which will come in first) and a letter will also be mailed home.

Q10 What if I don’t get along with my roommate after moving in?

A10 Try it out for 2 weeks and then you can go to your community director and ask for a room change. No problem!  You also can talk with your RA! RA’s are there to assist you. #heretohelp #wrightstatechat #WSURA

Q11 @blauryn13 Are you still BFFs with your old roomies?

A11 Yes I love them!! @SamMari3 and I still talk every day! #bestiesforlife

Q12 Ok, let's talk about MOVE IN DAY!!! @WSUHousing @blauryn13 How awesome is this experience???

A12 It is so exciting! Students & Staff will help you move in. Golf carts rolling your items right to your dorm. It's a BLAST! (: here's a pic of me & my roommate from last year! pic.twitter.com/MDvy1HoeQK

Comment from @WSUHousing: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wrightstatehousing/9600175168/in/set-72157635237303995 … Rowdy will be at move in!

Q14 When I applied I did not have any roommate preferences, but I do now. What do I do?

A14 Have an update roommate request? Email housing@wright.edu with your info before July 1st and we'll update your application.  Just make sure your roommate also requests you!

Q15 Where can I find a list of things I should bring so I can START PACKING!?!? :D

A15 Right here! https://webapp1.wright.edu/movein/what-to-bring …

Q16 What date do we find out who we are rooming with?

A16 Late July or 1st of Aug. All of your exciting info will arrive via WSU email and in through the mail.  There isn't a set date, but late July or early August!

Comment from @WSUHousing: Can't wait to see everyone at orientation. Move in count down 80 Days!!  


June 9: “Active and Healthy at Wright State with Campus Recreation”

Date: June 9, 2014

Topic: Active and Healthy at Wright State

Guest: Billy Willis, WSUCampus Recreation

Q1 What should I expect for orientation tomorrow?

A1 You’ll meet new students, get your Fall schedule, and learn all about what it’s like to be a Raider!  Here's the main campus Orientation link: http://t.co/tnH3dI7rqp

Q2 On average, how many people visit the recreation center? 

A2 We have about 1k/day Fridays are the busiest!

Q3 Are there free zumba or yoga classes for students? 

A3 The facility and fitness classes are Free for students! Here is the summer schedule: http://t.co/ezJbhl69j5  I've tried a lot of the fitness classes. They're so fun and the instructors are super nice!

Comment from current student: One of my favorite ways to be active at Wright State is participating in the free group fitness classes!

Q4 What is F.O.O.T?

A4 FOOT is the Freshmen Outdoor Orientation Trip! It's a trip along the Appalachian Trail in NC and TN!  To register for the FOOT trip or for more information visit: http://t.co/UuiYCWPN6M  The FOOT trip is a great way to get involved and meet new people!  New experiences aren't limited to our beautiful campus! We offer many other trips! http://t.co/8YTSYd3Wel

Q5 Cool! Do I need any experience to go on the trip?? 

A5 No experience is needed! It's a great chance to meet new students before classes start!

Q6 Do you offer anything in swimming? Like a workout class in the pool?

A6 We offer Aqua Zumba, Aqua Motion, & kayaking classes. Or try out for the swim club or participate in canoe battleship! The fitness center offers an aqua zumba class! 

Q7 Does WSU have a Mens Track Club? 

A7 We don't have men's track. But you can always start one! For a list of current clubs: http://t.co/AJuykTOptZ

Q8 Do alumni have to pay to use the fitness center? 

A8 Yes. If you are an alumni member you can buy a membership to use our facilities. http://t.co/k7yQhBLqJB

Q9 Do you have a tennis club?

A9 We do not have a tennis club :( See a full list of all of our sports clubs here! http://t.co/FwsEFun21D

Q10 How does one start a club? 

A10 To start a Sport Club you start with contacting Billy.Willis@wright.edu It takes 6 students to start!

Q11 When are we supposed to have our classes scheduled by?

A11 If you are an incoming freshman, you'll schedule classes at Orientation this summer. Super easy!

Q12 When is summer orientation? Do we have to schedule it? 

A12 If you are a returning Raider, you can make an appointment with your advisor to schedule for fall classes.  If you’re a new freshman, you can view and sign up for upcoming Orientation dates by visiting http://t.co/wCNowEAvv4  

Comment from current student: I regret not being more involved at WSU during my undergrad years @WrightStRec has lots of opportunities to be involved!

Comment from WSUCampus Recreation: I know it! We have Intramurals, Sport Clubs, Fitness, Outdoor Rec, Adapted Recreation and so much more! 

Comment from current student: @WrightStRec changed my life. From sport clubs to intramurals. The staff became family to me and I learned a lot from them! 

Comment from WSUCampus Recreation: We like to think that we are the best place on campus to work! We will be hiring! Intramurals, Fitness and Outdoor!  We will also be hiring lifeguards and Facility staff! Apply online! http://t.co/EGvyalaoaU  Working on campus is also a great way to be a part of the WSU community!

Q14 Who do we contact to join a sport club?

A14 To join our Sport Clubs contact the presidents http://t.co/9qhXRJeaZN Some have tryouts and practices before school starts. 

Q15 How can I become more active on campus?

A15 Don't be a stranger! Come & use our fitness center, gymnasium, rock wall, RecFit classes & swimming pool!

Q16 What is the adapted recreation program?

A16 Rec programs designed specifically for individuals with disabilities, but everyone is encouraged & welcome.  Our Adapted Rec Program has workout buddies, trips, and Adapted intramurals! All are welcome to join!  

Q17 I really want to go on the Wright State F.O.O.T. Trip, but it is too expensive :(

A17 $300 can be a lot, but the experiences are priceless! The week-long trip includes food & transportation! @WrightStRec also offers other trips that are less expensive, such as ones that are only over the weekend.

Q18 How do students register for Intramural Sports? 

A18 To register for IM Sports visit http://t.co/WkYaDMGSVc To register use your @wright.edu email address! It's easy and fun! 

Q19 When can you start registering? 

A19 IM Sports League registration for Soccer, Flag Football & Volleyball begins Aug 21! Mud Volleyball begins Aug 1! (yes MUD!) 

Q20 How long is the gym open in the honors dorm?

A20 The Honors gym is open 24/7! Any student living on campus can use it!

Q21 I can't take my placement tests until after orientation. Will that be a problem? 

A21 There are new policies for placement testing this year. Let me check and get back to you ASAP!  Your math placement is determined by your math ACT score.  If you have below a 23 on your English ACT score, you must take the writing placement test.  If you can’t get it done before orientation, you can choose to not schedule any English class for the fall semester when you meet with your advisor at orientation.  You can either take it and adjust your schedule with your advisor before fall begins or take it and wait until spring semester to take an English class.

Q22 Is it hard to join intramurals? I'll be a freshman this fall and I’m definitely joining some.

A22 It is not hard at all to join intramurals! You can join an existing team or create your own.


June 16: “Spirit, Swag and BOOKS at the Wright State Bookstore”

Date: June 16, 2014

Topic: Spirit, Swag…and BOOKS at the Wright State Bookstore

Guest: Mike Gessner, @WrightStateBook

Q1 How can I save the most on textbooks? 

A1 To save the most up front, RENT your textbooks. Here are some FAQ on renting.http://t.co/2TnaD6STrn

Q2 Will bookstore be involved w/ http://t.co/E9kV2sTgyb "UnWin(e)d Book Club" like last year?

A2 Yes thank you! We love to help with community events, we will reach out to Friends of the Library

Q3 Is there a student discount for Microsoft Office?  

A3 We have a mail order option but CATS offers a great deal on Office specific http://t.co/KPyRZtExdz @CaTSHelpDesk might be able to give you more info!

Q4 Can I use my Wright1 Card for things in the bookstore? 

A4 Yes! We accept Flex acct. Here is how to load money, including Financial Aid http://t.co/0VvfDU102q  Your Wright1 card has a dining dollars account separate from your flex account. Very convenient

Q5 Speaking of rental books, can I highlight in a rental book? 

A5 Yes! Highlight and take notes as usual. http://t.co/2TnaD6STrn

Q6 Do you have employment opportunities for students @WrightStateBook before fall semester begins?

A6 We do. We begin hiring August 1st. We will work around your schedule. Apply today http://t.co/Kr6cAR1yN2

Q7 When will I know who my roommate is 

A7 roommate and housing assignments will be ready in July. I don't think there is a set date @WSUHousing I think it's toward the end of July - coming soon!!! 

Q8 If textbooks aren't used next term does bookstore work w/ better world books @BWBooks to donate books to charity or recycle 

A8 We source to other campuses first and use One Planet for recycling http://t.co/Ro6Hlj7t92

Q9 Are there a lot of on campus job opportunities for incoming freshmen? 

A9 YES! Thousands. Be sure to catch the Virtual Job Fair in July: http://t.co/iAUtKgRAF2

Comment from @WrightStateBook: #WSUHOWLSHIRT The new 2015 Howl Shirt will be available August 1st. Wear on Fridays for deals and to win cool prizes. 

Q10 When is the best time to get your books?

A10 You can reserve today. Order through Wings, click Academics, click Order Books. No charge till 1st week Aug.

Q11 How do I know what textbooks do I need? 

A11 Come see us, or link through WINGS, ACADEMICS, ORDERS BOOKS. Check on the savings!

Q12 What is your refund policy on books?  

A12 Returns are simple. Get a full refund during add/drop period. More details here http://t.co/ZbSr7TbEnT

Q13 what else is available in the bookstore besides books? Spirit and swag?? :D

A13 Check out our Raider Gear! Shirts, School Supplies, Food, Graduation, Gifts.http://t.co/aB31FcxV5O

Q14 Is the bookstore open during orientation? 

A14 Yes. Summer hours are 8:30-6 M-Th. Till 4pm Friday. #wrightstate18 http://t.co/k93yOrRu0T


June 23: “Five Things I Wish I Knew...Freshman Year”

Date: June 23, 2014

Topic: Five Things I Wish I Knew – Freshman Year

Guest: Kyle Powell, Student Government President @WSUSG

Q1 What is the 5th most important thing freshmen should know?

A1 Oh, let me just tell you about PARKING! Buy you pass ASAP. http://bit.ly/parkingwsu  The best way to not worry about a close parking spot is becoming a resident!

Q2 For those who do drive to class, any tips for them?

A2 Have a question about the parking rules? It is best to read the rules here -> http://bit.ly/parkingrules  Plenty of parking on campus just may not be close to building. Walk or shuttle it!

Q3 If I'm going to be pretty late to a class is it better to just not go?

A3 NO!! You should still go to class even if you'll be late.  If you know you'll be late in advance, send a quick email to your prof. And then try not to be late next time!!

Q4 How can existing students and incoming freshman get involved with Raiderthon?

A4 Follow @wsuraiderthon Raiderthon is a 15 hour dance marathon where all the money raised goes to children with needs!  Did you see last year’s Raiderthon video? View it here: http://bit.ly/raiderthon  SAVE THE DATE!! November 15, 2014 from 10am to 1am at the Student Union Apollo Room.

Q5 Also, how can alumni learn about / help with Raiderthon? 

A5 The best route for alumni to get involved is to contact @WSUAlumniOffice

Q6 What's with the Zip-Cars on campus? How does that all work?

A6 We have two cars on campus. Please visit http://www.zipcar.com/WrightState  for more info!

Comment from WSU Alum: Raiderthon makes me proud to be WSU alum. Amazing event. 

Q7 If I'm living in Hamilton Hall, do I have to brush my teeth etc. in the floor’s bathroom??

A7 I think you do. BUT you don't have to clean those bathrooms! Whoop!  Rumor has it that @presidentdhop likes to clean all of the restrooms?! Is that true?! 

@RowdyRaider67: HA! I bet he gets them squeaky clean!

@PresidentDHOP: Anything worth doing is worth doing well!

Q8 Ok, 4th most important thing freshmen need to know...what is it, @WSUSG?

A8 Get INVOLVED with internships, clubs, teaching assistantships, and in the classroom!  And you can get involved in sports for all you athletes out there. See here: http://bit.ly/wsusports 

Q9 Are the showers usually packed in Hamilton Hall?

A9 Students have told us that they rarely have issues with getting a shower! :) Ham showering is easy! There's always at least one open, and they're kept nicely clean!

Q10 How can freshman get involved in student orgs right away?

A10 Fall Fest! Takes place during the first week of fall classes. All orgs have info tables. FUN! Visit http://bit.ly/ClubsWSU  for more information. It is totally worth it.

Q11 What's the 3rd most important thing freshmen need to know?

A11 Get familiar with Career Services. They will help you with interview skills and your resume.  That is why we go to school right? We all want a job and Career Services can help http://bit.ly/wrightjobs  YES!! They're so helpful. You can actually practice an interview with a career counselor = get all the jitters out!

Comment from @PresidentDHOP: Enjoying following along as Admissions hosts a live chat with Student Government. Great idea!

Q12 What's the 2nd most important thing freshmen need to know?

A12 Schedule classes early, meet with your professors (Earn brownie points early), and meet new people! Oops, did I just say brownie points?!? Cough, Cough.    

Q13 How can students stay on track for graduation at all times?

A13 1.) Go to class 2.) Study 3.) Get a tutor 4.) Meet with your advisor each semester 5.) Work hard!  And we like to #RaiderUp pic.twitter.com/wkXLXfFEa5 Treat college like a 4 year interview for life. Every first impression counts on your professors.

Q14 Here it is, folks....the number one thing freshmen need to know! What is it, @WSUSG??

A14 (1/2) Study Abroad, Look into the Honors Program, Meet friends, Get involved in the community, (2/2) and freshman get free tutoring. Don't miss out! Wright State, Right College! Yes, take advantage of free tutoring! http://bit.ly/wsusuccess  Tutoring services doesn't mean you're a "bad" student. They're for students who want to get the best grades from day 1!


June 30: “University Honors Program”

We are working on the transcript from this event

July 7: “Dine On Campus”

Date: July 7, 2014

Topic: Dine On Campus

Guest: Hospitality Services @EatAtWSU – Clint Kernen

Q1 So, everyone always wants to know...is the food really good?

A1 With 6 locations and over 20 options on campus, there’s something for everyone! http://bit.ly/WSUHSmap   We're a little partial to smoothies at Jamba Juice though, especially during summer!  Our Tim Horton’s just opened this January and has been a HUGE hit! http://bit.ly/WSUTims 

Q2 Does Taco Bell really deliver food to dorms?

A2 No, unfortunately we no longer have a Taco Bell on campus. You CAN get pizza though! Our Donato’s Pizza accepts Dining Dollars and delivers to any campus location!  Having brands like Tim Horton’s, Jamba Juice and Starbucks on campus is a great convenience (and treat!).

Q3 What's the difference between swipes and dining dollars?

A3 Swipes are a pre-paid meal, worth $6.50. Dining Dollars are for snacks, or if you go over $6.50. Need more info about Swipes, Dining Dollars and how they work? Check here: http://bit.ly/WSUHSfaqs 

Q4 Is there a Rooster’s nearby or a good chicken spot?

A4 There is a Fricker’s inside Nutter Center during events & basketball games.

Q5 Can I use my meal plan at the Nutter Center?

A5 YES! You can use Swipes, Dining Dollars & Flex at Nutter Center - students get 50% off during basketball!

Q6 Can I add money to my card for more flex or diner dollars?

A6 You can always recharge your Wright1 Card with BONUS Dining Dollars or Wright1 Flex. http://bit.ly/WSUwright1 

Q7 When do we find out our roommate??

A7 Roommate assignments are coming in late July.

Q8 How/when do I see up a meal plan?

A8 Living on campus? Between July 21 & Aug 8. Reminder will be with your roommate assignment.  Otherwise, you can buy a commuter/apartment plan today on WINGS! http://bit.ly/WINGSplan

Q9 How can I find the best meal plan option?

A9 Answer a few questions in the MyMeals Assistant and we’ll help suggest a plan. http://bit.ly/WSUmymeals 

Q10 What are some of the new dining options on campus this year?

A10 Haven't you heard?! We’re building a new @Starbucks in @DunbarLibrary which opens in 48 days!

Q11 With all of the new stuff coming to dining, any options for getting a job as a student?

A11 Sure! We’re hiring about 20 students NOW for Starbucks & fall semester. Apply in person, SU W006! Students interested in working at Starbucks need to apply in person THIS WEEK (Before July 11)!

Q12 Will the price of food still be the same since swipes are increasing?

A12 We haven't finalized pricing yet for fall, but expect some changes... likely some up, some down... At least one combo meal at each brand will be at or below $6.50.

Q13 Are there any restaurant additions planned past next school year? Especially if it's in high student demand.

A13 We're always taking suggestions. What do you have in mind?

Comment from @awilks22: I know a lot of ppl (including me) would love a @RaisingCanesOH at Wright State! @BWWings would be awesome too.

Comment from @EatAtWSU: Our Columbus friends rave about @RaisingCanesOH! Got to try that soon... And we may or may not be working on something for Fall 2015 that may satisfy that wing craving... Sorry... we tease...

Q14 I think we all have our faves on campus. I love the Union Market's soup! What's one thing every new student should try?

A14 Young's Dairy Ice Cream from Union Market... especially for students that didn't grow up near Dayton!


July 14: “Housing: Where are you living?”

Date: July 14, 2014

Topic: Housing Assignments Are Out!

Guest: Wright State Housing (Carol Rader) and current student and Housing Social Media Manager, Brooke Horton, and current student, Jordan Kilgore

Q1 What will come in the packet we are supposed to get in the mail?

A1 You will get roommate info, move in procedure, welcome week events, and no-show policies.  In the mail between now & Aug 1 you’ll get a newsletter. A 2nd newsletter goes out Aug 1.  You will get everything you will need to know with your assignment letter.  Always check our website for updates as well! Much to tell you about move in.

Q2 So what are all of the ways students will be notified of their room and roommate assignment?

A2 WSU Email, mail, website!  Students should be receiving a letter in the mail within the next week or so.  So students need to make sure to check their WSU email accounts, right? Step 1! :D Roommate info is in the letter. Don't worry if you haven't gotten yours yet, we are still doing assignments daily! You can also login to your housing account but clicking the green key on our website. 

Q3 What is the best way to get to know your future roommate before you move in?

A3 Talking to them is the best way, so Facebook, twitter, email, etc. You could also meet up!  Try to hang out at least once before you get to college! 

Q4 With the Housing, is it true that we have to share the Shower or something like that? 

A4 Woods & Honors have shared bathrooms with suitemates. Hamilton has single shows in individual locked rooms on each hall floor.  Triples share the bathroom with just your 2 roommates. Doubles & singles share with either 1 or 2 suitemates  

Q5 Does Wright State have a bank partnership? Like PNC, Huntington...etc? 

A5 Wright Patt Credit Union @wpcu is on campus in the Union. Yes we do! We have an affiliation with Wright-Patt Credit Union. They will branch with any other credit union!  They also pay really good interest rates to students for savings accounts.

Q6 Can we have a Keurig coffee machine in our dorm? 

A6 Yes!!! They are on the approved appliance list! On our website, click on the Operation Move In day button, Approved appliances on that site. Yes, coffee makers are fine :)  Here's the website w/ the approved/not approved list: https://t.co/S0Qs3wphdQ

Q7 What are some examples of what NOT to bring??  

A7 Forbidden 5 - no weapons, open flames, pets (other than fish), fireworks, charcoal or gas grills

Q8 How do you know who your RA is?

A8 http://t.co/xdtuajOqt0 Look for your building and/or floor. You'll see your RA! Email them with questions!  Here is the list of RAs and community directors: http://t.co/VqZ7LSNwRn

Q9 What are some of the craziest things you've ever seen moved in?

A9 Craziest thing .. wow .. seen a lot. A remember the life-sized picture of the Harry Potter actors. Covered 1 entire wall. 

Q10 I'm in dorm 404 in Honor's north wing... will I be suite mates with 403 or 405? 

A10 North Honors has a 404A & 404B. That will be your suitemate rm.  404A will be suitemates with 404B in all residents halls.

Comment from @WSUHousing: Students have been very creative ways of making their rooms HOME Watch for our Coolest Crib contest in September 

Q11 Can students change room preferences or add a roommate after assignments go out?

A11 We will try. You can certainly put in a Change Request form and we will do our best.  Go to http://t.co/KTgewrACEi and under the forms tab is a change request form for students. 

Q12 Living with someone you've never met can be an awesome experience but what if roommates aren't getting along? 

A12 Contact your RA. Be sure to attend your first floor meeting when you move in.  Your RA is there to help you resolve conflicts & at the beginning you will make a roommate agreement. 

Q13 I'm so confused with setting up the meal plan 

A13 Review http://t.co/bA5SzUkPqVmeals.  Here is the Hospitality services website http://t.co/w8n7KKARD3.  After you've reviewed plans, log into WINGS between July 21 & Aug 8 to select plan.  @theangellane the MyMeals Assistant on our http://t.co/vLATidq6FQ site can help suggest a plan for you!


July 21: “Love Your Library”

Date: July 21, 2014

Topic: Love Your Library

Guest: Dunbar Library (@dunbarlibrary) – Maureen Barry and staff

Q1 If we requested a room change, when will we know if it was approved or denied?

A1 @WSUHousing will be able to answer that for you.

Q2 Is there any document that further explains meal plans? Do we get a basic meal plan hitting campus?

A2 Living on campus? The default plan for fall is the Raider 12. Options & info at http://dineoncampus.com/wright .

Q3 Can I borrow my textbooks from the library?

A3 Generally, no.  But always check with us. We do have some textbooks on course reserve.

Q4 First thing about utilizing the library and its resources is knowing where to go! First question is where is the library? 

A4 The library faces the woods towards the back of campus. It’s b/w the Creative Arts Center & Fawcett Hall.  

Q5 Where's the best place in the library to study? 

A5 For group study, the group study room is best on the first floor. The 3rd & 4th floors have quiet study.

Notable Comment: So excited for Move In Day #30days #WrightStateChat

Notable Comment: @RowdyRaider67 #WrightStateChat pic.twitter.com/owT7ln3txe

Q6 Everyone knows the library has books, but what else does it offer?

A6 Lots! Multimedia lab, Presentation Practice Room, Archives, computers, research assistance, charging stations.  There’s a group of staff that helps u to make videos and stuff (We call that STAC - Student Technology Assistance Center).  Free wi-fi,whiteboards,#dunbarlibrarytruck (mobile library),cheery staff,#corescholar. And Starbucks!

Q7 How is the library different than my high school or public library? Other than having a @Starbucks in it?

A7 A big ole airplane!  We don't use Dewey Decimal System, we have multiple points of service and access to millions of books. We're proud of our plane - a replica of the #wrightbrothers 1903 flyer.

Q8 How is the library split up?

A8 Our resources are organized by subject (lib. of congress). Not by genre or alpha by author.

Q9 Can I check out anything besides books?

A9 We can lend video cameras, e-readers, tripods, audio recorders, DVDS, digital cameras.

Comment from current student: I love going to @dunbarlibrary because the librarians are always so patient and helpful!

Q10 Can you tell us a little about the archives in the library?

A10 Tons of local & regional & aviation history, Univ. history. Lgst. #wrightbrothers collection in the world! Anyone interested in Archives should follow @WrightStArchive

Q11 Can you explain how we can connect with @dunbarlibrary librarians for help with research?

A11 Use our Ask a Librarian Service! You can chat with us w/o leaving your room! http://bit.ly/1mF3zmP 

Q12 For a lot of students, the library is THE place to study. Where is the best spot @dunbarlibrary ?

A12 It's a tie b/w group study room and 3rd floor away from the atrium (for quiet).

Comment from current student: I wrote most of my undergrad thesis on the 3rd floor! It's great for studying/writing.

Q13 What if I absorb the most content possible at odd hours. When can I study at the library?

A13 Most weekdays during the school year: 730am – 12am Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-12am. http://bit.ly/1jwKsui  Hours vary finals week (open late!), during summer and on breaks.

Q14 Speaking of partying, what is this game night I hear about at Orientation??

A14 Game Night. Save the date! Aug. 29 6-10pm. Board, online, card games. Something for everyone! food & fun!

Q15 Are there really have puppies in @dunbarlibrary during finals week?? :)

A15 Fuzz therapy is our fave day of the year! Snuggle puppies to de-stress Monday of finals week 10a-2p!


July 28: “Academic Success Wright from the Start with University College”

Date: July 28, 2014

Topic: Academic Success “WRIGHT” From the Start

Guest: University College (@WSUUniversityCO) – Tim Littell, Shamon Green

Q1 What exactly is University College?

A1 University College is not only the home for over 3,500 WSU students, but is also the place to get academic support.  University College offers Academic Advising, First Year Programs, tutoring, writing center, and supplemental instruction.  Student Success Centers in the lower level of Dunbar Library house three different centers as well: the University Writing Center, Math Learning Center, and Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction.

Q2 What kind of academic support can students find there?

A2 Click here to find out more about the Student Academic Success Center http://t.co/dzDXZfHkXa#SASC

Q3 So I can get help with my essay at the University Writing Center, right?

A3 UWC offers help with essays and writing projects at any stage of the writing process for all your courses. Check out the University Writing Center website http://t.co/XL4oQIDr4C

Q4 What about the Supplemental Instruction part? What's that all about?

A4 Supplemental Instruction are extra group sessions to support courses. Our research shows that students earn higher grades.  Head over to the Tutoring website to see if your courses are offering SI http://t.co/7xtq6GT1gZ

Q5 What’s a learning community? 

A5 A Learning Community is a small group of first-year students who take two or more classes together.  Here's an FAQ about Learning Communities http://t.co/xwEHGaKRnr

Q6 Why is it a good idea for freshmen to join a learning community?

A6 Students in a Learning Community receive personal attention as part of a supportive college family. And guess what? Students in learning communities get higher grades then students who don't participate in LCs. Getting through freshmen year together is better vs. by yourself!

Q7 What about tutoring...is it free?

A7 For first year students (freshman and new transfers) tutoring is free. We recommend that students sign up in the first part of the semester for tutoring and not wait: http://t.co/7xtq6GT1gZ. Tutoring is awesome!! It can help you turn those B grades into A grades! 'Book It', the Friday tutoring sign up event, is from 9 - 3 at 023R Dunbar on Aug 29th. I heard there'll be snacks! We recommend that students sign up in the first part of the semester for tutoring and not wait http://t.co/7xtq6GT1gZ

Q8 Let's talk placement tests b/c they can be a little confusing. If I haven't taken the placement tests I need, should I still attend my scheduled orientation?

A8 Yes, still attend your orientation but get testing done as soon as possible. Although we use ACT to place students in their English and Math courses, students can place higher often by taking the placement tests. This is especially important if you have a Math ACT below 22 or an English ACT below 22.

Q9 Will there be another time to apply for work study job positions? All the jobs on the job fair site said I couldn’t do any job.

A9 I would recommend that you visit Career Services before school starts if you can or 1st wk of classes.

Q10 Can I choose to challenge my math placement if I don't want to be at the placement my ACT score has me in?

A10 Yes you can. The ALEKS placement test helps you prep and allows up to 3 retests. The retest data show that when students brush up they are placing higher. http://t.co/Z4A6WRyeoV

Q11 What all information is considered when my advisor creates my fall schedule?

A11 We look at their Pre-Orientation Questionnaire, High School information, Major requirements, We check to see if they are a WSU athlete or on a club team, if they have a work schedule...

Q12 What are the requirements to get accepted into Wright State?

A12 We have a liberal admission policy for general admission. Must meet 2 of 3: 2.0 high school GPA, 18ACT/840SAT, college prep classes complete.

Q13 What about spring semester? Will my advisor create one for me then, too?

A13 Our awesome students will create their own schedule for Spring will the help of their Academic Advisor! That is why it's important they meet with their Academic Advisor early each semester!

Q14 How long can a student stay undecided?

A14 Great question! Our goal is to help you find your major and/or career path by the end of your first year!

Q15 How often should students meet with their advisor?

A15 Great question! At least twice during the semester and they can email us anytime if they have questions!


August 4: Raider up! with Wright State Athletics”

Date: August 4, 2014

Topic: #RaiderUp! With WSU Athletics

Guest: @WSURaiders – Brandon Hays

@RowdyRaider67: Participate in the convo to win an AWESOME Raider Prize Pack from @WSURaiders. Tell 'em what they could win!!

@WSURaiders: pic.twitter.com/mk3TzZAE4G  

Q1 What’s #WrightStateChat?

A1 #wrightstatechat is a live chat every Mon. night to help future Raiders get to know us!

Q2 What is the highest attendance for a men's bball game ever at the nuthouse? My guess is vs Butler...

A2 We'd have to do some digging, but we know it was north of 10,000! Our current capacity is about 7,800.

Comment: Went to a game in 1999 against Michigan State that was sold out and WSU beat them!

Q3 Are all sporting events free to wright state students?

A3 Yes, they are! Schedule: http://bit.ly/1mgMbpB 

Q4 What's the difference between varsity and club sports?

A4 We handle Varsity (NCAA DI) scholarship Sports, while @WrightStRec handles non-NCAA club sports.

Q5 How do students attend games and how much are tix?

A5 They're FREE! Just bring your Wright1 Card to any game, & receive a ticket for you & a friend on the spot.

Comment from current student: Just join pep band and you're all set for games!

Q6 Can anyone participate in intramural sports?

A6 Yes, pretty much. In IM, you can try to join an existing team or create your own. @imWrightState

Q7 How can I ensure that I become an RA? 

A7 That's one for @WSUHousing! RA life is great! Hope you get to be one!!

Q8 When is the expected release for @CoachDonlon boys? 

A8 Basketball schedules are released when we get the @HorizonLeague schedule, usually in early September.

Q9 Do we have themes for the games?! 

A9 Usually. Keep up w/ @RaiderRowdies as we get closer!

Comment from @RowdyWSU: You can never go wrong with a Rowdy theme. Just sayin'!

Q10 For all sporting events do you have to pick up tickets somewhere or do you just show you wright1 card?

A10 For basketball, enter thru Gate 9, swipe your card, & get 2 tickets. All other sports, just show it & walk in!

Q11 What sports does Wright State have?

A11 Here's a full list, with Prospective Athlete Forms, if you think you've got "it"!       http://t.co/b38PYuABqv

Q12 Can you explain a little about how hard it is to play DI sports in college?

A12 Our student-athletes are usually recruited in HS by their Junior year, spend several hours training & traveling, compete against elite opponents, & have to keep up with schoolwork as well!

Q13 When is the first home football game? 

A13 First home game is actually sept 27! We had to move the game on 8th to Wilmington.

Q14 These future Raiders are PUMPED about going back to school. What athletic events will there be in 1st week? 

A14 @WSU_wSoccer vs. Louisville (Aug 22), @WSU_Mens_Soccer vs. Kentucky (Aug 29),@WSUVball vs. NKU (Sept 2). 

Q15 Do you know if when you live in a triple the beds are already bunked or not? 

A15 Two of the beds are bunked and the other one is a single. So, yes! You can tell maintenance and they will come and un-bunk your beds for you if you want!

Q16 What events can we look forward to for our first weekend on campus?

A16 Stay tuned... Food giveaways, a movie night, & something that'd make this guy happy: #WrightStateChat http://t.co/MElvujXv63 Welcome Week is my fave time on campus! Sooo many things to do. Schedule will be updated soon! http://t.co/hf9FQ7L6aD

Q17 How can students be REWARDED for going to games?? Wink, wink! :D 

A17 Great question! Check out Raider Up! Rewards, go to games, tweet, like, & get gear:http://t.co/dxBzYzfJSn

Q18 How much are tickets for basketball games for students? And do we purchase tickets with Wright1 Card?

A18 Tickets for students are always FREE! Just swipe/show your Wright1 Card at all home games, all sports. 

Q19 In search of incoming freshmen who regularly attend Catholic Mass to go to mass with, anyone out there? #WrightState18

A19 Catholic Campus Ministries has many awesome events and invites all!http://t.co/XppISe4hZv

Q20 Is there anywhere on campus to go on trails and fishing? 

A20 There are some trails right on campus. @WSURaiders, can people fish in that pond by Nutter Center?? We actually have a few baseball coaches who fish there. Plenty of big fish in Raider Lake! you HAVE to check out Eastwood Metropark...right by campus:http://t.co/XtHz7XtuLz

Q21 @WSURaiders, earlier you tweeted to @RaiderRowdies. Who are they?

A21 @RaiderRowdies is our student section at games! The leadership board sets theme nights, giveaways, etc.

Q22 Oh yeah! They're the ones waving large objects in the air to distract the opponent when shooting foul shots! Should I sit with them at home games and get rowdy, too?? 

A22 Yep! @RaiderRowdies are located in sections 211-214 at home basketball games & all over at other sports!

Q23 What are some fun things to do around campus?

A23 Be sure to attend Welcome Week festivities to get to know the fun things going on..especially Fall Fest! Magic Bus trips, parties in the Woods Clearing, mall and movie theatre down the road, TONS of food spots!  And get involved in student orgs!

Q24 What are the sports that have home games I can come watch other than basketball?

A24 Let's see, there's @WSU_Mens_Soccer@WSU_wSoccer@WSUVball,@WSUBaseball, & @WSURAIDERSFTBAL

Q25 What is Fall Fest?

A25 Fall Fest is the first HUGE party on campus! All student orgs will be there. Games, prizes, food, tunes! Fall Fest is part of Welcome Week - very first week of classes. Watch for it!

Q26 What day is fall fest?

A26 Aug. 29.  AND both @WSU_wSoccer & @WSU_Mens_Soccerplay that night at Alumni Field!

Comment from @WSURaiders: See you at the games, beginning with @WSU_wSoccer on August 22!


August 11: Move-In Day! with Wright State Housing”

Date: August 11, 2014

Topic: Move In Day

Guest: @WSUHousing – Carol Rader

@RowdyRaider67: Participate in the convo to win an AWESOME Raider Prize Pack from @WSURaiders. Tell 'em what they could win!!

@WSURaiders: pic.twitter.com/mk3TzZAE4G  

Q1 What's there to do on Welcome week? 

A1 Looks like the schedule is under construction: http://t.co/Zzh1IslW7S. Usually Fall Fest, Freshman Convocation, Boogie on the Bricks, President's Cookout, soccer game, and more!

Q2 Will our beds already be on the highest height in honors when we move in? If not how to we move them up?

A2 Yes they will! The high beds are default setup for the rooms. Maintenance will help with bed configurations, but most students move their own furniture. Be careful!

Noteworthy Comment: I apologize to my followers for all of my tweets in the next half hour.. I have a lot of questions! #WrightStateChat

Q3 Do we get carts on move in day? If so, how many and where?

A3 There will be carts, &plenty of volunteer hands to help out! We are ready with 100+ volunteers & carts!

Q4 Are we allowed small nails for hanging pictures? 

A4 We recommend command strips! They are awesome and come in all types

Q5 Are there locks on the bathroom doors from the outside of the bathroom to ensure privacy in honors?

A5 Yes, there are locks on both the inside and outside. Ladies needs our privacy for sure! 

Comment from @WSUHousing: RAs have arrived and are ready for students! #wrightstatechat #WSURA http://t.co/bWI6AL4pML

Q6 When can we start finding tutors? 

A6 You can start finding tutors the first week of classes. Here is more info about the Student Academic Success Center:http://t.co/f3pzP9yLvh

Q7 Is there cupboard space underneath the sink in honors for storing cleaning supplies? 

A7 There sure is! Plenty of storage under the sink as well as cabinets above for dishes and supplies

Q8 Since there is not an elevator in the Woods, do we have to carry all of our things up the stairs by ourselves? 

A8 We have 100+ volunteers who will help you carry your items straight to your room! How's that for service!?

Q9 How can I meet my roommate before moving in? What if we don’t get along? 

A9 Contact your roommate ahead of time. There are questions on our roommate tab athttp://t.co/9aYNBlgjC8. Your RA staff members are there to help you if things don't work out. Go to your first floor meeting

Comment from chat follower: Lol already lost a follower from all my questions! 

Q10 I attended a conference this spring and was told $400 would be added to my account for attending. How do I know if it’s there? 

A10 You can check your account through WINGS Express. Hope that helps! Raider Connect may be able to help, too! raiderconnect@wright.edu

Q11 Are toasters allowed in dorms this year? Heard a rumor about it at the end of the last semester.

A11 YES YES YES! Rumors are TRUE! Bring your toaster! They are allowed!

Q12 How far away are the showers in the Woods and Honors?

A12 There are showers in the bathrooms! Right next to your room.

Q13 So Move-In Day is right around the corner. Aug. 21!!! @WSUHousing, Where do these new Raiders check in? 

A13 Watch your emails tomorrow for a map and check in locations! There will be volunteers to help! Watch for paparazzi cart! Photos taken for our website! Get your Paparazzi card and check out your pic! @PresidentDHOP will be there to greet families! Love our Pres! Dr H ROCKS! So will @RowdyWSU

Q14 What documents, etc. should they bring on move-in day? 

A14 Wright1 Card or ID, Medical History Form & YOU!

Q15 That's not much to remember...good! :) What if a student does not have their Wright1card yet? Bring ID?

A15 Yep! Driver's License for photo ID is fine! 

Q16 What medical history form? Is there one to print?

A16 Sure is! Here is the link http://t.co/i7ZiUnqt6s

Noteworthy Comment: #WrightStateChat is so helpful... Thank God for a tech-savvy university.

Q17 If I have a check that is made out to both me and the university can I send it in or do I have to bring it with me?

A17 Let me ask Raider Connect (our financial aid office) tomorrow and I'll get back to you on that one!

Q18 Parents/caregivers are probably almost as pumped as students about move in! Can they see the room? 

A18 Absolutely! Parents, family & friends are welcome to check out your new living space! #WSUHomeAwayFromHome We will have tissues! What an exciting time for our students to start their new chapter of their lives.

Q19 Will @WrightStateBook be open on move-in day? 

A19 Love our bookstore! Get your Raider Gear & supplies. Bookstore open 8:30-7. Come in and see us! @WrightStateBook They sell more tissues there! :D 

Q20 Do we have assigned beds? My room is 306ab in maple hall what does that mean? 

A20 We only have assigned beds in the apartments. Maple Hall is whichever bed you want.


August 18: Welcome, Raiders! with Student Activities”

Date: August 18, 2014

Topic: Welcome Week

Guest: @WSU_OSA – Gina Keucher, Student Activities

Comment from @WSU_OSA: New students comm serv opp 8/23 https://orgsync.com/1148/forms/112232 … Check it out!

Comment from current student: First things first! Want to learn about Welcome Week? Download the Guidebook app at: http://bit.ly/1vRWB8Z 

Q1 What time do activities start on Thursday?

A1 Move-in from 9-3, Parent reception 10-2, Paint the Pit at 8pm and Party in the Woods 10pm

Q2 How can we sign up for Mud Volleyball?

A2 Here is a link to sign up for mud volleyball! http://Www.imleagues.com 

Q3 What time do you have to move in to your dorm on Thursday?

A3 If you want to move in the easy way, come from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.! We'll help you! if you can't make it then, contact @WSUHousing for special instructions.  Check out this website https://webapp1.wright.edu/movein/ 

Q4 What are some of the events happening at the start of school?

A4 Do the U/Meet the Greeks on 8/22 2-5pm, Lots of great events happening. Can't wait for Do the U and Fall Fest!! So many great events going on during Welcome Week. To find out more about the schedule you can visit http://bit.ly/1pxKkBL  or the Guidebook app at http://bit.ly/1vRWB8Z . There are outdoor movies, Soccer games, Volleyball games, Wright Commitment Day of Service Mud Volleyball and so much more!

Q5 Getting involved in student activities has some major benefits. Where can these new Raiders learn about student orgs?

A5 Do the U and Fall Fest are great ways to meet the student orgs, or you can view the orgs on OrgSync http://bit.ly/1nX3OdU . Do the U Friday 8/22 2-5pm in the Union Fall Fest 8/29 11-4 on the North Lawn

Q6 Will the Greeks have info about how to join at both of those events?

A6 Absolutely. Greeks will be at those, Ladies interested in sorority recruitment can register at http://bit.ly/GoGreekPHC . Men interested in fraternity recruitment can register at http://bit.ly/recruitIFC . For more information about Divine 9 fraternities and sororities come to NPHC Open House 9/2 6:30pm in the Apollo Room.

Comment from @WSU_OSA: If anyone is interested in being a dj on 106.9 FM check out WWSU at Do The U! The Guardian is WSU's weekly newspaper published on Wednesday. Check it out http://www.theguardianonline.com/ 

Q7 So can you move in after 3 pm?

A7 I'm sure @WSUHousing will work with you.

Q8 Greek life is very popular. A lot of students have ?'s about it. What are the pros of joining a sorority or fraternity?

A8 F/S Life offers leadership opportunities, home away from home, and connect to the community through service and philanthropy. F/S = Fraternity and Sorority or Greek Life (sorry acronyms fit better in a tweet) :) WSU has 22 fraternity and sorority organizations. There is one that is a good fit for you! Students interested in Greek Life can attend one of the Open Houses 9/2 NPHC, 9/3 IFC, 9/4 PHC

Q9 I heard are leadership classes and/or a retreat that goes on each year. What can you tell me about that?

A9 We offer leadership workshops, seminars & a summer retreat opportunity annually. Check OrgSync & your WSU email for info!

Q10 What does the Divine 9 mean?

A10 Divine 9 is the nine fraternities and sororities that make up the NPHC. Historically African American F/S.

Q11 This OrgSync? http://bit.ly/1nX3OdU 

A11 Ohhh Yeah! Way to be Raiderific!

Q12 So what can OrgSync do?

A12 OrgSync is the program that students can use to find out what's going on and join organizations. It's GREAT!

Q13 Can you tell us more about the LGBTQA community and resources?

A13 Rainbow Alliance is a student organization on campus & we have a LGBTQA resource room located by the radio station! For more info on GLBTQA Resource room check http://bit.ly/1p7azyY  and Rainbow Alliance at http://bit.ly/1tg2VCy . Rainbow Alliance has open meetings every Wed in E157 SU at 7:30pm. GLBTQA is for students who identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning or as an Ally (Straight). All are welcome.

Q14 Will there be activities on Thursday?

A14 Move in/parent reception/paint the pit/party in the woods. Check guidebook! http://bit.ly/1vRWB8Z . In case you didn't know guidebook is an awesome interactive scheduling app. You can create your own schedule for events. For more information go to the Welcome Week guidebook app page http://bit.ly/1vRWB8Z 

Q15 What's Paint in the Pit??? Sounds so fun!

A15 Paint the Pit is sponsored by The Resident Community Association (RCA) - Painting Rowdy's mark in the resident parking lot! https://orgsync.com/1358/events/793931/occurrences/1656122 …

Comment from @WSU_OSA: Awesome opportunity on Saturday to volunteer! https://orgsync.com/1148/forms/112232 … Register NOW!!!

Q16 Where can students go if they want to learn more about existing orgs or to start a new organization on campus?

A16 Check out House of Reps meetings! These dates & times are posted on OrgSync! Also, you can check on OrgSync 4 current orgs. To create your own org..stop in the Office of Student Activities & meet with Liz!! She is here 2 L.E.A.D you to success! Learn, Engage, Achieve & Develop by getting connected! You matter at WSU & being connected is just one way to L.E.A.D.

Comment from current student, @NichNevada23: Students interested in programming campus events can attend @wsuab meetings this fall. More info: http://bit.ly/1tha1WB 

Q17 Well it sounds like it's going to get crazy when school starts! Is there a freshman convocation this year?

A17 Not this year. But the President's Picnic is 5:30 - 7:00 8/22 at Rinzler. Shuttles from the Student Union. Students get to hang out with @PresidentDHOP at the Picnic before the Women's Soccer Game v U of Louisville. President's Picnic is delicious!... and free!!!

Comment from @WSU_OSA: Some links for YOU: OrgSync http://bit.ly/1nX3OdU  Guidebook for Welcome Week http://bit.ly/1vRWB8Z . Our FB http://on.fb.me/XvIS8B  and website http://bit.ly/1riXXrk  Welcome Week Calendar http://bit.ly/1pxKkBL . Greek Life Links Sorority Recruit FB  http://on.fb.me/1le2GIu  Link to register for sorority recruit http://bit.ly/GoGreekPHC . Register for Fraternity Recruitment http://bit.ly/1AsHUbe 

Q18 What is the President's picnic?

A18 Free cookout for students!


We will host chats every Monday at 6:30 p.m. until school starts, August 25, 2014. We are working on the rest of the topics for the summer, if you have any ideas let us know @RowdyRaider67.

And don't worry, if you miss us live, we will post chat archives a few days after each chat.