Dayton International Visitor's Program

Health and Safety at Wright State

University Police and Public Safety. Wright State has its own police department, which is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for all people on campus. Police enforce university regulations and state and city laws, and investigate reports of crimes. In addition to police patrols of parking lots and public areas, the university also provides special telephone boxes throughout campus if anyone needs to report an emergency directly into the police dispatch center. There is also a safety escort service for students who do not wish to walk to their cars alone. The Wright State police have published a booklet with public safety information and statistics on crimes reported, which can be downloaded as a PDF file from

Health Care. Wright State policy requires all international students and their spouses and dependents to purchase the university’s Student Health Insurance Plan at competitive rates. The plan covers hospital care, which can be very expensive in the United States. All students, including international students, may receive treatment for minor ailments at the Student Health Services office on campus. Wright State students with F or J visas are required by university policy to maintain health insurance coverage (including medical evacuation and repatriation) during their studies. For details of this requirement, please contact the UCIE.


The Wright State campus has bus stops for Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority (RTA) buses; you can learn more at their website at Some taxi service is also available. However, in Dayton the majority of the people travel by automobile. Pedestrian travel is often not practical around Wright State. International guests should be prepared to arrange for the use of an automobile while visiting. UCIE can advise you on obtaining a non-renewable/nontransferable Ohio drivers license, if you intend to drive while you are here. Speed limits and distances in Ohio are given in miles (one mile = 1.6 kilometers), though in most cars, the speedometer displays both miles and kilometers per hour.

Dayton's Climate and Weather

Dayton’s climate has four distinct seasons. Dayton’s temperatures are milder than in some areas of the country, and rainfalls average about 100 centimeters (39.5 inches) per year. Winter can occasionally get very cold in Dayton, with temperatures that sometimes drop below -18°C (0°F). In the summertime, the average high temperature is 28°C (83°F), but some years it can climb above 37.5°C (100°F). In spring, plants and flowers burst into bloom and temperatures are usually mild. Autumn (or “fall,” as many call it) is one of the favorite times of year in Ohio. Leaves turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow as temperatures turn cooler. Visitors should note that weather forecasts are given using the Fahrenheit temperature scale.

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