Nikhil Agrawal

Indi, MS. Computer Science, 2006

My name is Nikhil Agrawal and I'm from India. I graduated from WSU in 2006 with my master's in computer science. My research interests are in "cryptology and data mining". Wright State's got one of the strongest Computer Science programs and it was fun to do my schooling here. I currently work at Motoman Inc, we make robots for different specialized industries. Its a fun place to work at. I had the best years here at WSU. My first job was at the Nutter Center. People there were really nice and I felt at home, especially just coming from India then. After that I got an opportunity to be a teaching and research assistant at the computer science dept. This was a great learning experience - both teaching students and learning at the same time. This got me to know a lot of people at Wright State, some of whom I will be associated with for a long, long time. I also got to do lots of fun things here like learn Latin dancing, learn to fence, play racquet ball, go hiking, canoeing, skiing and do many more fun stuff. Besides specializing in the areas of my interest, WSU gave me my best friends for life....GO RAIDERS!