Avinash Konkani

India, MS. Biomedical Engineering

I, Avinash Konkani joined Wright State in spring 2003 in MS (Biomedical Engineering) program at Russ Engineering Center. Before I land in USA, I was in constant touch with UCIE and I had all the support from all the staff of UCIE, specially the Graduate Assistants have been in-touch with me and helped a lot even after I landed on the campus of WSU. At WSU I have not only just gained engineering knowledge but also became an independent and more confident person. I worked at different places on campus which taught me about how to earn & learn and manage the life. I would say as an international student at WSU, I have gained lot of knowledge which changed my personality and fulfilled my dream of having American education.

Currently I am working as Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at a Private Engineering college in India and I like teaching biomedical engineering and sharing the knowledge gained at WSU to my students in India.

I am married to Shilpa and I have a Daughter "Khushi", who is six weeks old as of now.

I miss those days of WSU :) :)