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Top 10 News Picks - April 23

Every week, the Pittsburgh Council gathers articles, reports, and op-eds from various domestic and international information outlets in order to provide wide-ranging and balanced perspectives on pressing global issues.

Obama, America, and Asia

The Second Opening of Japan,” Shinzo Abe – Project Syndicate, April 21, 2014

Obama is on the Right Course with His Reorientation Toward Asia,” Tom Donilon – The Washington Post, April 20, 2014

"Why Obama Needs to Lean in on this Asia Trip," Dan Twining – Foreign Policy, April 21, 2014

Following China…

Obama’s Asia Policy is Distracted and Ambiguous,” Gideon Rachman – Financial Times, April 21, 2014

Harvard is Teaching the Chinese Their Own History,” Rong Xiaoqing – Quartz, April 20, 2014

The Future of Latin American Politics

Viva el Populismo?” Cynthia J. Arnson and Carlos de la Torre – Foreign Affairs, April 16, 2014

Syrian Civil War

The Syrian Conflict: Where Strategic Interest and Humanitarian Urgency Intersect,” David Miliband, Ambassador Robert S. Ford, and Andrew J. Tabler – The Washington Institute, April 21, 2014

Saudi’s Prince Bandar did not Fail Syria: The West Lost its Nerve,” Faisal Al Yafai – The National, April 21, 2014

Israel-Palestine Talks

All is not Lost for Palestinians Even if Talks Hit the Buffers,” Jonathan Cook – The National, April 21, 2014

Looking Back at Iraq…

What We Left Behind,” Dexter Filkins – The New Yorker, April 28, 2014

Looking Forward for Afghanistan…

Why a Regional Security Force will not Work in Afghanistan,” Arwin Rahi – The Diplomat, April 20, 2014

Bosnia and the Balkans

Remember Bosnia?” Gordon N. Bardos – The National Interest, April 21, 2014

Britain and the EU

"Why A British Exit is not Inevitable," Charles Grant – Center for European Reform, April 17, 2014


Extra! Extra! Ukraine on the Brink

Amid Chaos, a Humiliating and Dangerous Defeat for Ukraine,” Irena Chalupa – Atlantic Council, April 17, 2014

The Ukraine Deal: Has Putin Realized he Overplayed His Hand?” Roland Flamini – World Affairs Journal, April 18, 2014

Czar Vladimir is Changing the Rules of the Game,” Jeffrey Simpson – The Globe and Mail, April 18, 2014

Ukrainian Extremists will Only Triumph if Russia Invades,” Timothy Snyder – New Republic, April 17, 2014

How Russia is Dividing the EU Over Ukraine,” John Bruton – The Irish Times, April 19, 2014

How America Lost Vladimir Putin," David Rohde and Arshad Mohammed – The Atlantic, April 19, 2014


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