Emerging Europe: The Balkans Unveiled

TRAVEL: Emerging Europe: The Balkans Unveiled

October 8 - 21

This overland journey through ancient and modern history tying together six wildly divergent Balkan countries, unveiling an assortment of long-lived cultures along the way. Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox, politically contradictory, and ethnically varied, this kaleidoscopic region offers an apprenticeship in diversity. Begin in Albania, with its modern sense of enterprise and enthusiasm and continue through beautiful Macedonia, inhabited since the Neolithic Age. Visit UNESCO Ohrid, one of the oldest human settlements in the world. Visit Kosovo, Europe’s youngest country, and its former antagonist, Serbia, with its elegant capital Belgrade. Continue to reconstructed Sarajevo, surrounded by the Dinaric Alps, from which Serbian and Yugoslav forces shelled the city for over 1,000 days, the longest siege in the history of modern warfare. Visit the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum with a survivor who used the tunnel to get in and out of Sarajevo during the siege. Complete your survey of the Balkans in red-roofed Dubrovnik jutting into the Adriatic Sea. Attend discussions with Study Leader Admiral Gary Roughead and learn about the conditions that led to the Balkan conflict, including religious, political and economic factors, and progress made since that time. Enjoy hallmark meetings at embassies and specially invited distinguished local guests throughout the trip.

$7,995 plus airfare.

This trip is jointly sponsored by Commonwealth Club, San Francisco – hear Admiral Roughead speak on Tuesday, July 29 in San Francisco. View the details here.

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