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Top 10 News Picks - November 18

Paris Aftermath  
"After the Paris Attacks: The Open Society and Its Enemies" Judy Dempsey -- Carnegie Europe, November 16, 2015
"What Will Come After Paris" The Editorial Board -- The New York Times, November 15, 2015
"Why Islamic State Targeted France Instead of the U.S." Doyle McManus -- Los Angeles Times, November 15, 2015
"What Paris Taught Us about the Islamic State" Clint Watts -- War On The Rocks, November 16, 2015
"Cairo Sees Obama 'Plots' in Paris" Nancy A. Youssef -- The Daily Beast, November 15, 2015

ISIS Attacks in Beirut 
"What Do the Beirut Bombing Arrests Mean for Refugees?" Kelsey Warner -- The Christian Science Monitor. November 15,2015
"Did the Media Ignore the Beirut Bombings? Or Did the Readers?" Max Fisher -- Vox, November 16, 2015
"Beirut, Also the Site of Deadly Attacks, Feels Forgotten" Anne Barnard -- The New York Times, 15, November 2015

Attempts to Understand ISIS      
"ISIL: Who's Calling the Shots?" Graeme Wood -- POLITICO, November 14, 2015 
"Confessions of an ISIS Spy" Michael Weiss -- The Daily Beast, November 15, 2015

Russia's Role in International Effort Against ISIS
"Could U.S. and Russia Enhance Intel Relationship?" Aaron Mehta -- Defense News, November 16, 2015
"Putin Comes in from the Cold: Desperate World Leaders Cosy Up" Matt Chorley -- Daily Mail, November 16, 2015
"Putin Transformed from Outcast to Problem Solver at G20" Alex Barker, George Parker, and Kathrin Hille -- Financial Times, November 16, 2015

U.S. War on Terror   
"What Would It Take to Destroy ISIS" Mike Pearl -- Vice News, November 17, 2015
"We Can't Stop the Islamic State with a 'Desert Drizzle'" David A. Deptula -- USA Today, November 15, 2015
"Obama Comes Under Criticism from Dems over Paris Rhetoric" Jordan Fabian -- The Hill, November 17, 2015
"The Fight Against Terror Is a Long One, But It Must Never Stop" Joyce M. Davis -- PennLive, November 17, 2015

Backlash Against Refugees  
"What's Next for Migrants After Paris?" Tajha Chappellet-Lanier -- The Atlantic, November 14, 2015
"Paris Terror Attacks Transform Debate over Europe's Migration Crisis" Anton Troianovski and  Marcus Walker -- The Wall Street Journal, November 16, 2015
"A Refugee Crisis in Lebanon Hides in Plain Sight" Anne Barnard -- The New York Times, November 12, 2015

Burma's Election  
"Challenges Lie Ahead After Aung San Suu Kyi's Victory in Burma" Joseph Allchin -- New Statesman, November 14, 2015
"After Ballot Box Triumph, Aung San Suu Kyi Starts Crucial Talks with Generals"  Philip Sherwell -- The Telegraph, November 15, 2015
"Aung San Suu Kyi, Long a Symbol of Dignified Defiance, Sounds a Provocative Note" Seth Mydans -- The New York Times, November 17, 2015 

Political Violence in Burundi  
"UN Ramps Up Pressure on Burundian Government with Resolution on Violence" Jessica Hatcher and Sam Jones -- The Guardian, November 12, 2015
"Should We Be Using the G-Word in Burundi?" Kate Cronin-Furman and Michael Broache -- The Washington Post, November 15, 2015


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