Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee

Responsibilities and Procedures (Approved: Faculty Senate, June 2005)

Complete Schedule of Programs for Review: 2005-06 through 2011-12

Program Reviews: 2010-11
English (B.A.) and English: Integrated Language Arts (B.A.)
Theatre Arts [N.B. may have outside accreditation]
·  Acting (B.F.A.)
·  Acting—Musical Theatre (B.F.A.)
·  Dance (B.F.A.)
·  Motion Picture History, Theory, & Criticism (B.A.)
·  Motion Picture Production (B.F.A.)
·  Theatre Design/Technology/Stage Management (B.F.A.)
·  Theatre Studies (B.A.)
Technical Associate Degree Programs:
·  Computer-Aided Drafting Design (A.A.S.)
·  Financial Management Technology (A.A.B.)
·  Information Technology: Graphic Communications and Production
Technology (A.A.B.)
·  Office Information Systems (A.A.B.) – Legal or Medical Option
·  Technical Studies (A.T.S.)

Program Reviews: 2009-10
Music (B.A.)
Music Education (B.M.)
Music History & Literature (B.M.)
Music Performance (B.M.)
Religion (B.A.)
Classical Humanities (B.A.)
Greek (B.A.)
Latin (B.A.)
Philosophy (B.A.)
Associate Degrees (AA & AS):
Biological Sciences (A.S.)
Business and Administration (A.S.)
Chemistry (A.S.)
Communications (A.A.)
History (A.A.)
Liberal Studies (A.A.)
Psychology (A.A.)
Social Work (A.A.)

Program Reviews: 2008-09

General Education
Human Resource Management (B.S.B.)

Financial Services (B.S.B.)  -- see 2006-07
French (B.A.)
German (B.A.)
Modern Languages (B.A.)
Spanish (B.A.)
International Studies (B.A.)
Liberal Studies (B.A.) -- see 2009-10
Economics (B.S.B.)
Economics (B.A.)
African & African American Studies (B.A.)

Program Reviews: 2007-08

College of Engineering—all degree programs
General Education (see 2008-09 above)
English (B.A.)  -- see 2010-11
English: Integrated Language Arts (B.A.) -- see 2010-11
Chemistry (B.S., B.A.)
Chemistry Education (B.S.)
Chemistry (A.S., Lake Campus)
Geological Sciences (B.S., B.A.)
Geological Sciences Education (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.S., B.A.)
Mathematics Education (B.S.)
Physics (B.S., B.A.)
Physics Education (B.A.)

Program Reviews: 2006-07

Management Information Systems (B.S.B.)
Operations Management (B.S.B.)
Management (B.S.B.)
Finance (B.S.B.)
Financial Services (B.S.B.)
International Business (B.S.B.)
Business and Administration (A.S., Lake Campus)
Music (B.A.)
Music History & Literature (B.M.)
Music Performance (B.M.)
Music Education (B.M.)
Communication Studies (B.A.)
Mass Communication (B.A.)
Organizational Communication (B.A.)
Social & Industrial Communication (B.A.)—dual major
Communication (A.A., Lake Campus)
Criminal Justice (B.A.)
Political Science (B.S.)
Sociology (B.A.)
Anthropology (B.A.)

Program Reviews: 2005-06

Nursing (B.S.N.) [N.B. CCNE accreditation 2004-05, thus can use existing self-study, etc. ]*
Organizational Leadership (B.S.) (includes Lake Campus)
Rehabilitation Services (B.S.)
Athletic Training (B.S.)
Psychology (B.S., B.A.)
Psychology (A.A., Lake Campus)
Biological Sciences (B.S., B.A.)
Biological Sciences Education (B.S., B.A.)
Biological Sciences (A.S., Lake Campus)
Accountancy (B.S.B.)
Marketing (B.S.B.)