Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of June 1, 1998

Since its May 4 report to the Faculty Senate, the Curriculum Committee met on May 11, 1998. With regard to the following, the committee:

Course Inventory and Modification

    Approved 4 Course Inventory (3) and Modification (1) Requests: SOM (2) & COSM (2).

New Undergraduate Major Program Proposals

    B.A. in English - concentration in English with an emphasis in Language Arts Education. The committee initially began its review of the proposal at its April 9 meeting. The new interdisciplinary program is designed to accommodate the new state licensure requirements and replaces the current "English with Certification" option. After further discussion the proposed program was approved.
    B.A. in English Proposal Summary.
    B.A. in Social Science Education. The committee initially began its review of the proposal at its April 9 meeting. The new interdisciplinary program is designed to accommodate the new state licensure requirements and replaces the current History Education and Social Science Studies Comprehensive program. With a possible correction in total graduation hours, the proposed program was approved.
    B.A. in Social Science Education Proposal Summary.

New Undergraduate Minor Program Proposals

    Minor in Computing and Information Technology. The minor is designed to satisfy the needs for intelligent and responsible application of computing and information technologies for majors which do not have Computer Science or Computing Engineering as their fundamental orientation. Following discussion of the capstone course component of the minor, the program proposal was approved.
    Minor in Computing and Information Technology Proposal Summary.
    Minor in Management Information Systems. The minor is designed to complement a student's major area of study in the College of Business. Questions arose regarding the lower 21 hour requirement for the MIS minor compared to the 27 hour requirement for the CIT. The COBA is on a 3 credit hour base and the CECS is on a 4 credit hour base. Thus, both minors could require the same number of courses, but produce different total credit hour requirements. The proposed minor was approved.
    Minor in Management Information Systems Proposal Summary.

General Education Program Proposals

    Diversity in General Education: Recommendations of the Committee on Diversity in the Curriculum. At the invitation of the committee, Bill Rickert, Dean, COLA and Chair, Committee on Diversity in the Curriculum presented an overview of the recommendations and addressed questions from the committee. The recommendations were previously distributed to all faculty, deans, and staff and have been made available to all on the UCAPC web site. They were previously submitted to the Faculty Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate for review and to the Provost for review by that office and the council of deans. In addition they are presently under consideration by the General Education Oversight and Assessment Committee. A history of the developments underlying the current recommendations as such dates back to the 1992-94 General Education Task Force and subsequent proposals and work in 1995, 1996, and 1997 was sent to the university community via e-mail. Similarly, the UCAPC has discussed the various stages of development regarding the current recommendations throughout the academic year. After much discussion at the present meeting, the committee felt that the recommendations could be implemented in the Fall 1999 and possibly earlier and voted to approve the recommendations.
    Diversity in General Education Proposal Summary.
    General Education Committee: In previous meetings the UCAPC discussed the need for the creation of a General Education Committee as a standing subcommittee to UCAPC. The GEC would have responsibility for recommending action and policy to the UCAPC for the GE Program. A faculty member would serve a director of the GE Program. A draft proposal for an amendment to the Faculty Constitution and Bylaws was submitted to the FEC on May 15. The FEC decided that the proposal would not be presented to the Faculty Senate for consideration at this time. The UCAPC in consultation with the FEC may wish to revisit the proposal at some future date.
    General Education Committee Proposal Summary.

The committee scheduled its next and final meeting of the 1997-98 academic year for Tuesday June 9, 1998, 11:00 a.m. in 032 Rike Hall. At this meeting, the UCAPC it will consider only Course Modification and Inventory Requests. It will not consider any additional program proposals.