Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to WSU Faculty, Meeting of May 12, 1998

Since its February 24, 1998 report to the University Faculty, the UCAPC met on March 4, April 7, and April 27. During its deliberations the committee reviewed and approved (except as noted by * continuing review) the following:

Undergraduate Course Modification and Inventory Requests

    Reviewed 64 course modifications (14) and inventories (50): SOM (2), COBA (5), COSM (11), CECS (9), CEHS (12), COLA (25), - approved 54 and returned 10.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs - New

    Certificate in Women's Studies: 20 hrs including 4 hrs core and 16 hrs electives.

Undergraduate Major Programs - Changes

    B.S. Electrical Engineering - delete CHM 122, reduce graduation hrs. from 203 to 198.

    B.A. Early Childhood Ed. - add MTH 244, correct MTH 143 hrs., increase graduation hrs. 195 to 199.

Undergraduate Major Programs - New

    B.S. International Business - 189 hrs.: 16 language, 30 functional, 12 cultural, 131 COBA requirements.

    B.A. English - concentration in Language Arts Ed.: 192 hrs. for new state licensure requirements.*

    B.S. Social Science Education: 192-204 hrs. for new state licensure requirements.*

General Education Program

    GE Task Force Force Recommendations: The committee felt that the recommendations: (1) produce a more balanced program, (2) create more flexibility and better position the GE curriculum for the future (3) focus more on student competencies than on course content, (4) provide a mechanism for including diversity in the curriculum, and (5) maintain, if not enhance, WAC opportunities. It was recommended that an assessment plan be developed for the proposal. Overall, the committee supported the recommended revisions.

    Diversity in the Curriculum Recommendations: Recommendations for Diversity in GE, Committee on Diversity in the Curriculum were distributed to all faculty and staff, are being reviewed by the GE Oversight and Assessment Committee, and were submitted to the Provost and deans. UCAPC will continue to review the recommendations and feedback from the university community for its final report to the Senate on June 1.*

    General Education Committee: A proposal for creation of a GE Committee as a standing subcommittee to UCAPC and a GE director. Responsibility would include recommending GE action and policy to the UCAPC *.

Writing Across the Curriculum Program

    Assessment of WAC is underway and questionnaires will be distributed this spring to all faculty teaching WI courses. In reviewing the proposed GE reform, consensus of the WAC Committee was that the goals of WAC remain consistent and that implementation of WAC in the new structure does not appear problematic.

Academic Policy

    Implementation of plus/minus grading system: UCAPC finalized its review of implementing a plus/minus grading policy. Based on extensive study and university feedback, it was recommended to the Faculty Senate that overall it would not be beneficial at this time to change the current grading system to a plus/minus system.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for Monday, May 18, 1998, 12:00 noon, 032 Rike Hall.