Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to WSU Faculty, Meeting of November 18, 1997

The UCAPC met on October 10, October 13, and November 13. During its deliberations the committee:

1. Drafted and submitted to the Faculty Senate a request to amend the Constitution and Bylaws so as to include the WAC Committee chair as a non-voting member of the Curriculum Committee. The requested amendment is consistent with the 1995 WAC document approved by the faculty.

2. Appointed members to the 1997-98 WAC Committee and appointed Joe Law, Director of the WAC Program as chair.

3. Reviewed a proposal for a new minor program in Air Force Studies, Department of Aerospace Studies. The committee needs additional information and time to review the proposal.

4. Discussed potential problems found with writing intensive courses listed in the catalog and not being offered or listed as WI in the class schedules. The WAC Committee reviewed the situation, found the problems to be isolated at this point, and will take steps to alert departments at the beginning of each quarter. In addition, the WAC Committee reported that it is working on the design of an overall assessment plan for the WAC program.

5. Briefly discussed the work to date of the Ad Hoc Committee on Pluralism (Diversity) In American Society in relation to the faculty charge to UCAPC to undertake "a reconsideration of adding a Pluralism in American Society course in GE." It is anticipated that a proposal will be submitted in the winter quarter.

6. Reviewed WSU's course add/registration policy allowing students to enroll in classes at any time before the end of the first week of the quarter. Current policy can result in students missing ten percent of the quarter in any or all of their classes and, inter alia, jeopardize their academic success, as well as negatively impact overall student retention. The committee recommended that the current policy be changed so that students may add or register for courses during the first two days of the quarter. Students wishing to add or register for courses after the second day must obtain the instructor's signature. The recommendation has been submitted to the Faculty Executive Committee as a matter for possible consideration by the Faculty Senate.

7. The committee reviewed 71 course requests. It approved 22 new course proposals and 43 course modification requests: CEHS (2), CONH (3), COSM (7), COBA (12), CECS (16), and COLA (25).