Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee


May 16, 1997 Meeting


Present: Tiffany Brown, Donna Cole, Harry Davis, Jeanne Fraker, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Martha Sammons and Tom Sav.

Approved Minutes of April 21, 1997 Meeting of the UUCAPC.

Course Inventory (3) and Modification (12) Requests Reviewed:

CECS: Approved CS 240, CEG 463, CEG 468, CS 300, CS 301 and CS 315.

COLA: Approved REL 435, ENG 101, and ENG 102.

COSM: Returned with approval subject to change(s);

BIO 105 -- catalog description exceeds 34 word maximum.

BIO 106 -- title for student record exceeds 24 character maximum.

BIO 107 -- title for student record >24 and catalog description >34.

CONH: Approved NUR 306 and NUR 408.

CEHS: Approved subject to change in title for student record and clarification of relation to other ED courses (Donna Cole, CEHS representative will handle the changes).

Approved CECS Certificate Program in Object-Oriented Programming.


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