Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

January 17, 1997 Meeting

Present: Present: Donna Cole, Harry Davis, Jeanne Fraker, Carol Holdcraft, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Martha Sammons, Tom Sav, Joe Slater

Approved Minutes of December 20, 1996 Meeting of the UUCAPC.

Reviewed and approved resubmitted Course Modification and Inventory Requests (16): SM 145, CEG 330, BIO 266, BIO 267, BIO 366, BIO 367, EH 401, ACC 203, ACC 300, ACC 328, MGT 474, MKT 301, MKT 303, MKT 492, and MIS 400.

Approved COM 325 (previously tabled pending a review by the CONH -- a favorable review was received and considered by the committee).

Returned: MGT 300 (a resubmission that still lacked the committee's request to COBA to obtain a review by the COLA and its Department of Philosophy).

Tim Wood, Department of Biology, made a presentation to the committee regarding changes in BIO 105 and explained the specifics regarding the purpose of the BIO 105 course modification request (denied by UUCAPC in the Spring 1996 and again in the Fall 1996). Given new information brought to the committee's attention, the committee suggested the submission of modified proposals for the BIO sequence (now de-coupled in the GE Program).

Reviewed Dr. Oscar Garcia's, NCR Distinguished Professor and CS&E Department Chair, objection to the MIS 430 course proposal. In addition, it was explained that the COBA mailing of the MIS 430 proposal did not get to the appropriate college curriculum committee and/or Dr. Garcia's attention for a timely review prior to the previous UUCAPC review. Based on the facts provided, the committee withdrew its approval of MIS 430 and encourages the College of Business to take the initiative in working matters out with the Dr. Garcia and the CS&E Department.

Reviewed and approved (subject to a review and approval by GEOAC) the COLA and Department of Music request to allow music majors to substitute MUS 121 (instead of both MUS 121 and MUS 122) for the GE MUS 214.

Reviewed and approved with slight modifications the New University Admission Policy proposal submitted by Dr. Lillie Howard, Associate Provost. The committee also decided to request that the proposal be submitted in a different format (including a comparison to the existing policy) for review by Academic Council.

The committee scheduled the next UUCAPC meeting for February 14, 1997 at 1:30 p.m. in 032 Rike Hall.