Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 18, 1996 Meeting

Present: Tiffany Brown, Donna Cole, Jeanne Fraker, Carol Holdcraft, Joe Law,Martha Sammons, Tom Sav, Joe Slater

Approved Minutes of October 4, 1996 Meeting of the UUCAPC.

Recommendations for new appointments to GEOAC out of the CONH, CECS, COLA (PHL/REL), and CEHS were discussed -- committee members volunteered to bring forth recommendations from their respective colleges.

Course Modification and Inventory requests were reviewed:

COLA - 17, CEHS -3, CECS -7, COSM -13, and UD -2:

Approved: ART 200, COM 340, TH 103, TH 105, TH 115, TH 116, TH 117, TH 215, TH 216, TH 217, TH 315, TH 316, TH 317, TH 415, TH 416, TH 417, EDE 234, EDE 303, ME 313, BIO 302, BIO 403, BMD 427, GL 201, SM 145, UD 102, UD 103.

Approved subject to change: EDE 401 (retype), ME 314 (as inventory request), ME 315 (dean's approval), EE 240 (dean's approval), EE 452 (dean's approval), CEG 452 (dean's approval), BIO 105 (title change, dean's approval), BIO 106 (dean's approval), BIO 221 (HPR review), BIO 451 (HPR review).

Returned for additional information: BIO 107 (Dept of Social Work review, title change, and dean's approval), GL 470 (credit hr increase justification), GL 461 (credit hr justification), EH 452 (Dept of Political Science review).

Withdrawn: HFE 480.

Tabled: COM 325 (pending CONH confirmation). 

Approved the COLA's request regarding the CST 240 course so as to allow GE Area Three offerings in comparative non-western classes in any of the arts (music, art, and theater).

Reviewed and found acceptable the revised "Classroom Accommodations for Disability" Policy.

Approved the COBA proposal for an Economics Minor.

Revisited and discussed the 1995-96 Academic Advising Committee request regarding the inconsistent application of the Transfer Module. Approved sending a follow-up request to GEOAC for a review and a recommendation as to its resolution.

Continued deliberations on the May 1996 General Faculty Meeting charge recommitting to the UUCAPC the reconsideration of adding "Pluralism in American Society" to GE. Approved an invitation to Anna Bellasari to address the committee.

The committee scheduled its next meeting for November 7, 1996, 2:15 p.m., 032 Rike Hall.