Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Academic Council, Meeting of April 7, 1997


Since its March 3 report to Council, the UUCAPC met on March 17. The following summarizes the curriculum and policy proposals that were approved by the committee:

Proposals for Modification of WAC Program

Petitions of removal of credit for course grade also removes credit for WI.

Transfer and returning students who have completed GE courses but need one or more WI credits be allowed to count other designated WI GE courses or WI courses in the major. 

Proposals for Changes in Undergraduate Programs

Department of Geological Sciences ( reduced admission requirements).

BS in CEG Program (reduced credit hour graduation requirement).

BS in CS Program (reduced credit hour graduation requirement).

CEHS Teacher Education Program (increased PPST scores admission requirement).

Proposals for the Creation of new Minor Programs

Minor in Operations Management (24 hours, 2.0 GPA).

Minor in Marketing (24 hours, 2.0 GPA).

Proposal for Change in Transfer Credit Regulations

Bring WSU into compliance with OBR Articulation and Transfer Policy -- student transfers from Ohio public colleges and universities with the AA or AS degree will transfer all courses with a passing grade of "D" or above.
Honors Program Proposal
Abolish "T" grade which is a "no credit" grade available only in Honors courses.

In other business, the committee formed an Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Pluralism in American Society. It's charge is to develop a proposal regarding the addition and implementation of "Pluralism In American Society" in the GE Program. The committee may explore a variety of courses in developing a comprehensive implementation that best serves the educational mission of the University. Dr. Rickert has agreed to undertake the task of chairing this subcommittee.

In addition, the committee reviewed new (13) and resubmitted (1) Course Inventory and Modification Requests -- approved 14 requests and returned 1 request for additional information.