Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Academic Council, Meeting of March 3, 1997

Since its February 3 report to Council, the UUCAPC met on February 14. The committee:

1. Reviewed new (16) and resubmitted (4) Course Inventory and Modification Requests -- approved 15 requests and returned 5 requests to colleges for further clarification and review.

2. Reviewed and accepted the Academic Advising Committee's change in Transfer Credit procedures as resolution to the inconsistent application of determining general education transfer credits among colleges.

3. Discussed the WAC Program experiences to date and the WAC Oversight Committee's accomplishments and future directions as reported by Joe Law, WACOC Chair. The WACOC will be submitting proposed amendments to the WAC program, including an amendment to address student petitions for removal of hours and an amendment to provide a mechanism for students who still need to complete WI requirements in GE, but have completed all four WI courses in GE.

4. Discussed proposed changes in undergraduate programs submitted by Geological Sciences (reduced GPA entrance requirement), the COBA (increased credit hour graduation requirement), the CECS (reduced credit hour graduation requirements for CEG and CS), and the CEHS (modified PPST admission scores requirement). Before undertaking further discussion of the proposals, the committee decided to wait for the appropriate reviews and recommendations by the Provost and deans.