Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee


Report to Academic Council, Meeting of January 13, 1997

Since its November 4 report to Council, the UUCAPC met on November 7, November 21, and December 20, 1996. The committee:

1. Reviewed 184 Course Inventory (94) and Modification (90) Requests from the COLA (93), COBA (54), COSM (21), and CECS (16) -- approved 161 requests, returned 21 requests to colleges for revision and further consideration, and tabled 2 requests.

2. Approved the COLA proposal for a creating a minor in Urban Affairs.

3. Approved the COLA proposal for creating a minor in Women's Studies.

4. Reviewed proposed changes in undergraduate programs, including the Department of Geological Sciences' lowering GPA Admission Requirements, COBA's B.S. in Business Core Curriculum and increased credit hour graduation requirement, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics' BS and BA departmental elective requirements/options. The committee has requested further college action on each of these.

5. Reviewed the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Oversight Committee proposal to allow transfer students that have completed required GE courses but still need to fulfill one or more WAC credits to take a third writing intensive course in the major -- when departments offer more than two WI courses in the major. The committee has requested the inclusion of native students and a review by the GEOAC.

6. Continued deliberations on adding a "Pluralism in American Society" course in GE. Invited speaker Dr. Anna Bellasari, Director of the Honors Program, presented suggestions on general course content criteria. The committee discussed possible WSU implementations, including:

a. Several options that imply a "Pluralism in American Society" requirement could be implemented through a restructuring of the current GE Program and either
(i) a stand-alone GE Pluralism course
(ii) an approved departmental non-GE Pluralism course.
b. Several options that imply a "Pluralism in American Society" requirement could be implemented by keeping the current GE Program in tact and either
(i) integrating Pluralism throughout the GE curriculum 
(ii) requiring students to complete at least one Pluralism course in either an approved and designated section of an existing GE course or an approved departmental non-GE Pluralism course.

The committee requested information and assistance from each college dean in identifying existing courses that meet, existing courses that easily could be developed to meet, and potentially new courses that would be developed to meet the existing proposed Pluralism guidelines. The COLA and the CEHS responded with a list of possible courses.