Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Thursday, September 22, 2011
12:30 p.m. 248 Rike Hall


I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Approval of Minutes of  June 2, 2011 

III. Fall Quarter Meeting Availability and Scheduling

IV. UCAPC Subcommittee and Student Petitions Appointments

University General Education Committee (UGEC)
Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WAC)
Multicultural Competence Committee (MCC)
Service Learning Committee (SLC)
Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee (UAPRC)

Student Petitions Committee

V. Course Inventory: Semester Conversion

Course Titles for Student Record Modifications (Revisits)
Course Inventory Conversions and New Course Proposals

VI. Course Scheduling Timeblocks Policy

VII. Other Academic Matters

Department Name Change
Department of Health, Education, and Recreation (HPR) to Department of Kinesiology and Health (KNH)

VIII. Adjournment