Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

2010-11 Committee Members

Contact Individual Members:
Tom Sav, College of Business and Administration (Chair)
Joseph Slater, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Vaughn Shannon, College of Liberal Arts
Richard Mercer, College of Science and Mathematics
Kathy Keister, College of Nursing and Health
Sarah McGinley, College of Liberal Arts
Stephanie Davis, College of Education and Human Services
Daniel Bombick, College of Science and Mathematics
James Steinberg, Lake Campus
School of Medicine
School of Professional Psychology
Joe Law, WAC Committee Chair (Ex-officio, non-voting)
Jean Edwards, UGEC Committee Chair (Ex-officio, non-voting)
Jeanne Fraker, University College (Ex-officio, non-voting)
Karen Wilhoit, University Library (Ex-officio, non-voting)
Jon Maze, Student Government (non-voting)
, Student Government(non-voting)

Contact: Entire UCAP Committee