Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 21, 2008 Meeting

Present: Daniel Bombick, Candace Cherrington, Michel Coconis, Tony Ortiz (for Jackie Collier), Matthew Conaway, Jean Edwards, Jeanne Fraker, Nathan Klingbeil, Richard Mercer, Kyle McAllister, Sarah McGinley, Tom Sav, Guests: Todd Brittingham (Registrar's Office), Barbara Bowman (CEHS), Cathy Sayer (Service Learning).

Approved Minutes of September 16, 2008.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee: Joe Law, WAC Chair, reported that the WAC Committee met on October 1 and discussed how WAC and WI courses might be affected in switching to a semester calendar system. The report is as follows

University General Education Committee: Jean Edwards, UGEC Chair, reported that committee has requested the required annual assessment reports from the colleges and departments for all areas of GE.

Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee: Susan Carrafiello, UAPRC Chair, reported (via email) that the committee has requested reviews from the colleges and their respective departments scheduled for academic program reviews during the 2008-2009 academic year.   The deadline for submitting the reviews is Feb. 1, 2009.
2008-09 Program Reviews Due: All Submissions are DUE before February 1, 2009
Human Resource Management (B.S.B.)
Financial Services (B.S.B.)  -- see 2006-07
Modern Language
French (B.A.)
German (B.A.)
Modern Languages (B.A.)
Spanish (B.A.)
International Studies (B.A.)
Liberal Studies (B.A.)
Economics (B.S.B.)
Economics (B.A.)
African & African American Studies (B.A.)

Voluntary System of Accountability (Ad Hoc) Committee (VSAC) -- Joe Law, Chair, gave a brief report to the Faculty Senate meeting of October 6 on the completion of the  college portrait. It is available at the "About WSU" link on the WSU main page website or as follows

Appointment of Committee Members

Annually, the UCAPC is responsible for and/or charged with appointing members to its three standing subcommittees (Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, University General Education Committee, and Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee) and to the University Petitions Committee. UCAPC carried out its responsibilities via email on September 30 and forwarded its recommendations for confirmation to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.

Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Modifications: CEG 220, CEG 220L, CS 240*, EE 420/620*, CS 350, EE/CEG 419*
* The committee made necessary changes to the proposals -- contact the CECS representative for information regarding such changes. 

Approved Inventories: ME 410
Approved Modifications: SLI 445

Program Changes
Academic Policies

The committee reviewed the following proposal and found that the COLA can best accomplish the objectives of the proposal by instead submitting course modification requests to change the prerequisites for the 102 and 103 language classes to address the need for a "C" or better grade. The committee looks forward to receiving those modifications.

Other Academic Matters

Cathy Sayer, Director of Service Learning, presented  to the committee the work of the Service Learning Advisory Council in drafting a definition of service learning and defining the criteria for establishing service learning courses. The purpose of the presentation was to start a process for gathering university wide feedback on the Council's work. To that end, the committee members will be seeking feedback from their respective constituents. In addition, a presentation before the Faculty Senate will be planned. The Council's work is summarized in the following

Adjourned:  Next meeting November 19 and  relevant deadlines for submission as well as Senate approvals as follows:

Submission Deadline
(No Exceptions: receipt after
  forwards to the next meeting)
Faculty Senate
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