Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 15, 2007 Meeting

Present: Candace Cherrington, Jackie Collier, Jean Edwards, Daniel Fague, Jeanne Fraker, Roger Fulk, Nathan Klingbeil, Richard Mercer, Bobbe Pohlman, Tom Sav, Cathy Sayer, David Seitz, Karen Wilhoit. Guests: Anita Curry-Jackson (UC).

Approved Minutes of September 17, 2007.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee: Joe Law, WAC Chair, reported that the WAC Committee met on September 26 and began planning a spring event to recognize faculty and student achievements in WAC classes. The 2008 event is planned as a lunch that will feature presentations by the 2007 honorees as well as recognize those for 2008. It will be scheduled for a Friday in early May.

University General Education Committee: Jean Edwards, UGEC Chair, reported that committee met on October 2 to review GE Assessment Reports. Their next meeting is scheduled for November 1.

Undergraduate Academic Program Review Committee: Susan Carrafiello, UAPRC Chair, reported (via email) that the committee has requested reviews from the colleges and departments scheduled for academic program review during the 2007-2008 academic year.   The deadline for submitting the reviews is Feb. 1, 2008. Note the following
2007-08 Program Reviews: All Submissions are DUE before February 1, 2008
College of Engineering—all degree programs
General Education
English (B.A.)
English: Integrated Language Arts (B.A.)
Chemistry (B.S., B.A.)
Chemistry Education (B.S.)
Chemistry (A.S., Lake Campus)
Geological Sciences (B.S., B.A.)
Geological Sciences Education (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.S., B.A.)
Mathematics Education (B.S.)
Physics (B.S., B.A.)
Physics Education (B.A.)

Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Modifications: EE 260, EE/CEG 260 L, CEG 210, CEG 211, CS 302, CS 240, CEG 433

Approved Modifications: MKT 250, ACC 481
Returned Inventories* : JPN 311, JPN 312, JPN 313, DAN 107, DAN 108, DAN 109, DAN 124, DAN 125, DAN 126
* The committee found it necessary to return all of the submitted inventories, requesting among other things, that sequences of courses be designated I, II, and III in the titles were appropriate and that syllabii changes be made to the DAN submissions, etc. -- the two COLA representatives will contact the Dean's Office and/or the individual departments regarding the required changes.
Approved Inventories: ANT 310*, ANT 311*, ANT 312, EES 484**, NCP 333
* The ANT 310 and ANT 311 are proposed substitutions in the General Education Program Area V -- Chemistry. It is proposed that the existing Sequence Substitution that reads
 "or CHM 102, ANT 201, and ANT 202"
be changed to
 "or CHM 102, ANT 310, and ANT 311 (or CHM 102, ANT 201, and ANT 202)"
Being a General Education Program Change this submission, recommended and approved by the University General Education Committee (UGEC) and subsequently by UCAPC, must be approved by the Faculty Senate and will be submitted to such for consideration.

** The committee made a minor change to the Title for Student Record -- contact the COSM representatives for details.
Approved Modifications: EES 368, EH 369, EH 434
Approved:  Request for new Prefix/Course Designation
Neuroscience Cell Biology & Physiology -- will carry the prefix/designation "NCP".

Program Changes
B.F.A. Acting -- the proposal will be reconsidered upon receipt of requested changes to the inventories noted above.


General Education Program (per the above COSM Inventories)
Area V. Chemistry -- Substitutions
Current: "or CHM 102, ANT 201, and ANT 202"
Proposed: "or CHM 102, ANT 310, and ANT 311 (or CHM 102, ANT 201, and ANT 202)"

Other Academic Matters
(Please NOTE that the formatting of documents available to UCAPC was very usual and created problems, so some characters and/or tables may not print readable and there may even be partial sentences  -- ALL documents are available in hard-copy for review in the Faculty Office)

UC Student Entrance and Exit
Report submitted by the University College per the June 2005 Faculty Senate Charge to UCAPC
The committee reviewed the report and discussed at length its contents and alternative means of successfully improving the movement of students from UC into degree granting majors in the colleges and departments. The committee commended the work of the UC in terms of all its initiatives and accomplishments in meeting its goals, especially considering the external factors beyond their control, including increased college and department admission requirements such as GPA requirements, specific course requirements, and credit hours earned requirements, as well as incoming preparation of students for higher education study. Overall, the committee recommends that more university resources be allocated to the individual colleges so that college and departmental advising of students can simultaneously be conducted within UC and within the students intended college and departmental major.

Dual Enrollment Program (Ohio Senate Bill 311) -- (in part requires universities to offer college credit on  high school campuses)
This matter was not presented to UCAPC for action but rather by the chair as a FYI to inform UCAPC and forward such to the Faculty Senate as a FYI. The purpose being that it was believed that most faculty are not aware of the Ohio Senate Bill 311 which according to best information has been passed and signed into law as of April 2007. Below is the (1) relevant Excerpt from 311 as it pertains to higher education institutions, (2) the WSU Operating Guidelines to conform to 311 as developed by the Provost's Office in consultation with the dean's, etc., and (3) an internet  link to the complete Bill 311.

Ohio Senate Bill 311 -- Excerpt (university courses on high school campuses and Ohio wide AP Scores and university distance learning for high schools)
WSU Document -- "WSU Dual Enrollment Program 2007-08 Operating Guidelines" per the Provost's Office development
The complete Ohio Senate Bill 311 from which the above Excerpt is extracted is available at

Adjourned:  Next meeting November 13 and  relevant deadlines for submission as well as Senate approvals as follows:

Submission Deadline
(No Exceptions: receipt after
  forwards to the next meeting)
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