Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

February 16, 2004 Meeting
Present: Jeanne Fraker, David Green, Charles Larkowski, Joe Law, Henry Limouze, Karen Kimber (for Jan Maxwell), KT Mechlin, Richard Mercer, Sharmila Mukhapadhyay, Ryan Newman, Doug Nord, Tony Ortiz, Susan Praeger, Tom Sav.

Approved Minutes of January 12, 2004

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee: Joe Law, WAC Chair,  reported that the committee discussed via email the project to permanently designate courses as WI and is working with the Registrar's Office to complete the task.
University General Education Committee: Henry Limouze, UGEC Chair, reported on the activities of the committee at its January 15 and January 29 meetings. The minutes are available as follows:
Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Modifications: ME 199, ME 488
Approved Modification: EDT 280 -- it was noted that the course modification to be effective Fall 2004 implies program changes for at least four programs in the CEHS and that while the Curriculum Processes and Procedures require such to be submitted simultaneously, the committee approved the request with the understanding that the required program changes would be submitted in time for UCAPC and Faculty Senate action this academic year.

Approved Modifications: ACC 206, ACC 307, ACC 323, ACC 326

Approved Inventory: SOC 210

Approved Modifications: MTH 243, MTH 244

Program Changes

Approved: B.S.B. Accountancy. The proposal is available as follows:
Approved: B.S.B. Finance. The proposal is available as follows:

Approved: B.A. Anthropology. The proposal is available as follows:

New Programs

Approved: Certificate of Completion Leap Intensive English Program available as follows:

Academic Policy

Fresh Start Program Policy: In addition to the committee consideration of changing the policy from multiple to a one-time Fresh Start, KT Mechlin, Chair of the Petitions Committee, reported that the her committee is considering other possible change recommendations that will be submitted for the next UCAPC meeting. The current policy is as follows:

Course Drop Date Policy:
The committee reviewed the recommendations of changes to the Course Drop Date Policy as drafted by the Petitions Committee and forwarded to UCAPC by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The committee praised the Petitions Committee for its diligent work in researching the issue and presenting an excellent report. The Petitions Committee recommendation is as follows:
After much discussion and reports of committee members as to the feedback from their colleges, it was decided to make a substitute proposal to the Faculty Senate. The committee's substitute recommendation is based on the objective to move all undergraduate students to a single drop date under the constraint that the drop date meet the 60% minimum deadline for students receiving financial aid. Hence, the committee recommends in substitute to "Recommendation item (2)" contained in the above that:
"The drop date for all students shall be the same and at the end of the seventh week (ending on Saturday) of the quarter. Since summer has three terms (A, B and C) the breakdown would be the middle (Wednesday) of the the fourth week for each of the summer A and B, and the end of the seventh week for summer C."
Spring Quarter Meeting Schedule

The committee set its Spring Quarter meetings for April 12 and May 17.  All proposals from colleges must be received with the original plus 19 copies by March 31, 12:00 noon for the April 12 UCAPC meeting and by May 5, 12:00 noon for the May 17 UCAPC meeting. Submissions received after the May 5 deadline will be considered by the UCAPC next academic year at the the September or October 2004 meeting. The UCAPC cannot make exceptions to the established deadlines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any curriculum or academic policy proposals that must go before the Faculty Senate for approval this academic year must be submitted to the UCAPC by the March 31 deadline because IF approved by the UCAPC, the Faculty Senate will consider it as New Business at it May 3 meeting and act on it as Old Business at its June 7 meeting.