Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

November 18, 2003 Meeting
Present: Jack Dustin, Jeanne Fraker, David Green, Charles Larkowshi, Joe Law, Henry Limouze, Jan Maxwell, KT Mechlin, Richard Mercer, Sharmila Mukhapadhyay, Ryan Newman, Charles Funderburk (for Doug Nord), Tony Ortiz, Tom Sav.

Approved Minutes of September 23, 2003

Correction: Joe Law, "Associate Professor of English" to "Professor of English". The committee congratulated  Dr. Law on his promotion to Professor.

UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee: Joe Law, WAC Chair,  presented an outstanding report representing the continuing work of the WAC Committee. Given the  university wide implications of the recommendations in following up with last academic year's report to the faculty by the committee to Study and Access Writing Across the Curriculum (chaired by Carol Loranger), the UCAPC suggested that the report be presented to the Faculty Senate. The report is available as follows:
The UCAPC discussed the problem of many courses being offered that incorporate required writing that exceed the WAC requirements but are not designated as WI courses and that, therefore, students do not receive WI designation or so-called credit. It was decided that department chairs would be contacted to encourage faculty that teach such courses to officially submit to the WAC Committee approval for WI designation. In addition, at the level of the Office of the Registrar there needs to be a mechanism established whereby approved WI courses are locked-in the schedules sent to college and department offices so that those offices do not have to be responsible each and every quarter for administratively re-designating WI courses which tends to and has, in practice, led to errors.

University General Education Committee: Henry Limouze, UGEC Chair, presented an equally outstanding report representing the diligent work of the newly implemented UGEC. The committee has worked on and developed, inter alia, a General Education Assessment Plan essential to the accreditation process. Given the university wide importance of such, the UCAPC suggested that the report be presented to the Faculty Senate. The report and its attachments are available as follows:
The UCAPC approved the start of MP 131 as a GE Program course during the Summer 2004. Previously, the course was approved by the General Education Implementation Committee (GEIC) for a start of Fall 2004.
Student Petitions Committee

As charged, the UCAPC approved the membership of the Student Petitions Committee now listed at the Faculty Senate Website.

Course Inventory and Modification Requests

Old Business:
Approved Inventories: ISE 484 (previously tabled upon objection by the COSM, the COSM and the CECS met and resolved the issues concerning the proposed course -- objection withdrawn).

Tabled Inventories: EGR 101 (although the committee believed that the COSM and the CECS had resolved the issues concerning the proposed course, additional information presented at the committee meeting indicated that the Department of Mathematics raised additional concerns that need further consideration and cooperation).
Approved Inventories: EDE 200 ( previously tabled because of program change requirements, the CEHS will be incrementally making program changes required by OBR and submit all program changes in the near future -- in the interim, current program students will be held harmless).

Approved Inventories: EGR 130 (upon agreement of the CECS representative, the committee removed the "enrollment restriction of 8 students").

Returned Inventories: ISE 210 -- a proposal for a new GE course (in this case Area VI) must be submitted to the UGEC for review.

Approved Modifications: EE 458, ME 213, ME 313, ME 318, ME 370, ME 408, ME 432 (needed "Title for Student Record" so the committee entered  "FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEMS" upon agreement of the CECS representative), ME 444, ME 456, ME 478, ME 489, ISE 302, ISE 307, ISE 306, ISE 471, ISE 473, ISE 474.
Approved Modifications: MGT 493, MGT 499.

Approved Modifications: EH 461, PSY 110 (incorrect "Title for Student Record" so the committee entered "PSY: SCIENCE & PRACTICE " upon agreement of the COSM representatives)* , PSY 419.
* Note: PSY 110 is a GE Area VI course for the COSM --"Title for catalog" change from "The Science of Behavior II" to "Psychology: Science and Behavior" is in line with OBR (UGEC approved).
Approved Inventories: COM 368, PLS 457, PLS 462, PLS 459, HST 440.

Returned Inventories: SOC 210 (information available to the committee indicated that this course proposal conflicts with SOC 210 that already exists), SOC 220 (since this course proposal is a follow up to the newly proposed 210, the committee believed that the COLA may wish to rethink the proposal of both 210 and 220).

Tabled Inventories: SPN 483 (although it seems that the intention is to cross list the course with the COBA IB 483 course, there was no cross listing indication and, in addition, the "Course Title" , "Title for Student Record", and "Prerequisites" all differ from the existing IB 483 course).

Approved Modifications: REL 205, REL 206, ATH 241 (needed "Title for Student Record" --the committee entered "INTO TO BIO ANTH" upon agreement of the COLA representatives).

Returned Modifications: ART 401 (since "Independent Study" and "Internship" are quite different courses, the committee advises that 401 remain as "Independent Study" and that a Course Inventory be submitted for a new course in Art "Internship").
Program Changes
COLA: B.A. in Social Work
Because the proposal to allow either BIO 107 or BIO 111 to apply to the major is a GE Program matter, the committee could not approve. The college needs to submit the proposal to the UGEC. The proposal is available as follows:
New Programs

Approved: Certificate Program in Comparative Development
*The committee approved the proposal with the understanding that the Department of Urban Affairs and Geography and the Department of Economics would further consult with one another to consider minor modifications in program courses prior to submission to the Faculty Senate. The current proposal is available as follows:
Approved: Minor Program in Art History
The proposal is available as follows:
Approved: Honors Program in International Studies ( previously reviewed and approved by the Honors Committee).
The proposal is available as follows:

Academic Policy

Office of the Registrar
Fresh Start Program: the committee decided to begin its review of this matter at its next meeting.
Winter Quarter Meeting Schedule

The committee set its Winter Quarter meetings for January 12, February 16, and March 15.  All proposals from colleges must be submitted with the original plus 19 copies (note 19 with the 2003-04 expansion of our committee) at least 8 working days in advance of each UCAPC meeting.