Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of April 7, 2003

The Curriculum Committee met on March 17 and conducted the following business:


UCAPC Subcommittee Reports

Writing Across the Curriculum: no report

Study and Assess Writing Across the Curriculum (SAWAC):
Carol Loranger reported that the committee will be meeting March 20 to discuss the assessment of WAC responses received from the deans and chairs (although it was announced that the committee has not received responses from the Raj Soin College of Business). The committee is planning on submitting its report to UCAPC in April and to the Faculty Senate for the May 5 meeting.
Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Inventories: CS 271
Approved Inventories: HPR 261, HPR 353, HPR 353, HPR 460, HPR 460
Approved Modifications: HPR 211, HPR 481 (approved upon returning it to CEHS for a change in course title "Measurement and Evaluation" to a more discipline specific title, retaining "Physical Education"), EDL 302 (agreed to change title for student record to "COMTEMP ISSUE LEADERSHIP"), EDL 303 (agreed to change title for student record to " ORG LEADERSHIP ASSESS"), EDL 494 (agreed to delete prerequisite of  "senior standing" and incorporate it into the enrollment restriction)
Approved Inventories: effective Fall 2003, delete from inventory MIS 210, MIS 321, MIS 322, MIS 323, MIS 340, MIS 400, MIS 410, MIS 420, MIS 430, MIS 440, MIS 490, MS 201, MS 202, MS 203, MS 306, MS 331, MS 340, MS 435, MS 437, MS 438, MS 439, MS 450, MS 490
Approved Modifications: ACC 323
Approved Inventories: PLS 366, PLS 431, PLS 454, PLS 455, CHI 311, CHI 312
Approved Modifications: MTH 343
Program Changes
COSM: Following the February 24 meeting of UCAPC and the March 3 meeting of the Faculty Senate, the COSM resubmitted program changes and submitted additional programs previously overlooked by the college.
Department of Biological Sciences
BS in Biology—Biology Education
BA in Biology—Biology Education
Department of Geological Sciences
BA in General Geology
BA in Geology—Earth Science/Chemistry Education
BA in Geology—Life Science/Earth Science Education
BA in Geology—Earth Science/Chemistry Education
Department of Physics
BA in Physics—Life Sciences/Physics Education
BA in Physics—Earth Science/Physics Education
Department of Psychology
BS in Psychology
BA in Psychology
Additional Programs previously not submitted
BS in Chemistry--Life Sciences/Chemistry
BA in Earth and Space Sciences
BS in Integrated Sciences
UCAPC approved the program submissions subject to (1) correction of errors throughout the program submissions with regard to "Total" degree credit hour requirements and (2) adding appropriate notations to the General Education "required substitutions" to indicate that they are counted in specified program areas. Finally, the committee strongly recommended modifications to programs where there appears notes referencing "10 credits apply to Life Science Electives," etc.. Committee representatives will again work with the college to correct these errors and incorporate modifications.
Following the meeting, the COSM made the required changes. Thus, details of ALL COSM program changes (above and as pertain to the February 24 UCAPC review) are to be resubmitted to Faculty Senate, April 7 and are available in PDF below. Because it is not possible for the UCAPC to re-review this submission, it is recommended that the COSM departments and curriculum committee continue to review it to assure its accuracy prior to the Senate meeting.
COSM Program Changes Fall 2003
Lake Campus: Program changes submitted for the Associate of Arts degrees.
The committee noted the need for several changes, including (1) changing the course titles of ENG 101, ENG 102,  HST 102, HST 103, and BIO 107 to the current GE program course titles, (2) modifying the ENG 101 and MTH 145 placement testing or prerequisites, (3) changing the BIO 114 requirement (no longer in the new GE) to BIO 111, (4) changing "GE Electives" to read "GE", and (5) changing references to "(meets Area XXX GE requirement)"  to "(counts as Area XXX requirement)". Subject to these changes, UCAPC approved the program submissions.
Electronic copies of the Lake Campus program changes were not made available. They will be provided in preparation for the April 7 meeting of the Faculty Senate.

Remaining UCAPC Meetings Coordinated with Faculty Senate

In preparation for the remaining academic year Faculty Senate meetings, the UCAPC scheduled it Spring Quarter meetings for April 21 and May 19. Colleges submitting curriculum and policy proposals for review by the committee need to submit the original and 18 copies NO LATER THAN 12:00 Noon., April 11 for consideration at the April 21 meeting and NO LATER THAN 12:00 Noon., May 9 for consideration at the May 19 meeting. Curriculum and policy proposals received after May 9 (no exceptions) will be forwarded to next year's UCAPC for consideration in September or October 2003.