Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of June 3, 2002

Since its May 5 report to the Faculty Senate, the UCAPC met on May 17. The committee discussed and acted on the following:

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee Report

The committee is working on incorporating the WAC requirements into the New General Education Program. Recommendations were submitted to the General Education and Implementation Committee (GEIC) for review. After that review the recommended changes will be submitted to the UCAPC for additional review and approval.
General Education Implementation Committee (GEIC) Report
The GEIC will forward to the Faculty Senate for the June 2002 meeting the following recommendation for the New GE Program:
At the UCAPC meeting, the recommendation was distributed to committee members for informational purposes.  To date, the UCAPC has not been charged with reviewing proposals or recommendations. Questions and comments concerning the the New GE Program should be directed to the General Education Implementation Committee, the respective college representative on GEIC, or David Orenstein, GEIC Chair.
Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Modifications: BME 461, BME 464, ISE 307, EP 380, EE 425
Approved Modifications: Change to Inactive Status -- EDS 442, EDS 443, EDS 445, EDS 451, EDS 452, EDS 453, EDS 454, EDS 456
Approved Inventories: EC 420
Approved Inventories: ENG 250, ENG 251, PLS 225, PLS 405
Approved Modifications: CHI 101, ENG 310, SW 291
Approved Inventories: BIO 266, BIO 366, CL 150, MTH 102
Approved Modifications: BIO 294 (UCAPC changed Title for Catalog to Introduction to Lab Science and added the required change for Student Record to Intro Clin Lab Sci), BIO 466 (UCAPC added the required change for Student Record to Intern Exercise Science), BIO 482, DEV 095
Returned Modifications: The MTH 145 modification  is  proposed to eliminate MTH 126 or 127 as prerequisites.  It was brought to the committee's attention that the modification would violate the State of Ohio Transfer Module under the Ohio Board of Regents Articulation And Transfer Module for General Education. It was announced that the modification would make the course ineligible for The Ohio Transfer Module. While the committee supported the change, there was concern that Wright State University's approval of such General Education curriculum changes in violation of the state requirements may not be prudent. Yet, the committee is aware that an effort is underway on the part of WSU's President and Provost (in conjunction with other state institutions) to work with the Ohio Board of Regents to give individual universities more flexibility in establishing general education requirements. Since the MTH 145 proposal is not to take effect until Fall 2003, the committee felt that there is sufficient time to continue to work with the Ohio Board of Regents and the Regents Articulation and Transfer Council regarding this issue. In this respect, the committee would welcome a future submission of the proposed modification as additional progress unfolds with the OBR Transfer Council.
Returned Modifications: SS 094. The SS 094 modification is proposed to move SS 094 (Critical Reading Improvement, a non-univeristy credit course) to the University College UVC 104 (a university college credit course). It was brought to the committee's attention that some faculty may be concerned with an increasing number of non-academic course offerings being used for academic credit. Although UVC courses count as general electives, the committee was concerned with students using an increasing number of  possible non-academic courses toward graduation degree requirements.
 Program Changes
CECS: Approved B.S. in Computer Science -- add Bioinformatics Option. The proposal is available as follows:
B.S. in Computer Science Bioinformatics Option
COLA: Approved English Integrated Language Arts -- change entrance requirements. The proposal is available as follows:
Integrated Language Arts
CONH: Approved B.S. in Nursing
Content from NUR 214 (2 hr) divided and moved to two other required courses.
NUR 212 increased form 3 to 4 hours. NUR 214 no longer required  as of Fall 2002.
Degree Credit Hour Change: No Change
General Education Program Changes
University College: Common Text for Freshman
In a memorandum, the Associate Provost agreed to the committee's recommendation to allow the adoption of a "Common Text" in the University College's courses (UVC courses) and, at this time, not integrate such into the General Education Program. Although the committee also raised financial curriculum concerns about the university's distribution of the "Common Text" to all incoming freshman as opposed to only students enrolling in UVC courses, it was stated that the the "Common Text" will be distributed to ALL incoming freshman and that such funding is requested in the University' capital campaign. The memorandum is available as follows:
Common Text Proposal
The committee adjourned for the academic year 2001-02.