Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

Report to Faculty Senate, Meeting of April 1, 2002

Since its February 4 report to the Faculty Senate, the UCAPC met on March 7. The committee discussed and acted on the following:

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee Report

Joe Law reported that the WAC Committee meetings as follows:
WAC Committee Report
Course Inventory and Modification Requests
Approved Inventories: CS 471*
The course is cross listed with BIO 471 which was before the UCAPC on January 10 and returned to the COSM so the two proposals could be coordinated. Thus, the committee also decided to approve BIO 471 upon its resubmission to the UCAPC chair.
Approved Inventories: BIO 471 upon resubmission of the Inventory Request (see above * regarding CS 471)
Approved Modifications: ED 464
Approved Modifications: EC 290, FIN 205, FIN 305*, IB 486
* FIN 305 modifications were approved with the exception of listing it as a College Component Course. The College of Business must submit a proposal to the General Education Implementation Committee to be approved as a College Component Course.
Approved Inventories: ECO 391, FIN 306, IB 496, MGT 277, MGT 280, MGT 301
Approved Modifications: NUR 307
Inventories: The committee could not approve HLT 201, HLT 202, HLT 203. It was noted that the documentation indicates that the courses are proposals to be offered as general education courses under the New General Education Program, Area IV Human Expression, Area 2 Cultural-Social Foundations, and Area I Communication and Mathematical Skills, respectively.  Therefore, the course proposals were returned to the CONH with instructions that such proposals must be submitted first to the General Education Implementation Committee. However, the committee also noted that the courses could be considered by the UCAPC upon resubmission if the CONH intended to offer them as non-GE courses, i.e., to offer them even in the absence of approval for inclusion in the new GE Program.
General Education Program Changes
COSM: The committee approved the COSM's proposal to offer SM 205 (an existing 4 hour course titled Great Ideas in Science) as a science course in the current General Education Program under Area IV Natural Sciences for non-COSM majors.  The course would therefore serve as a science substitution for non-COSM majors where there are not existing Required Substitutions for such majors.  The COSM has also submitted the course to the General Education and Implementation Committee for approval in the New General Education Program, but feels that it is appropriate for students subject to and who will continue in the Existing General Education Program.  In addition, the college feels that it is important to begin implementation and coordination of the course lectures and demonstrations prior to implementation of the New GE Program.
Program Changes
CEHS: The committee approved the Organizational Leadership, B.S.program changes. The changes and justifications were well documented (in fact, the committee commends the CEHS in this respect) and provided in the following:
Organizational Leadership Program Changes
Writing Across the Curriculum Program Changes
WAC Program: The WAC Committee's recommendation to change as follows the policy for returning students was approved: 
Returning students must complete the two-course writing requirement in the major. In the event a returning student has completed earlier, non-WI versions of courses now offered as the departmentís WI courses and no further WI courses in the major are available, the student will complete the independent writing project to cover one of the courses; the requirement for the second course can be waived with the approval of the department.
Justifications and changes to specific sections of the WAC document are provided in the following:
WAC Program Change

The committee scheduled it Spring Quarter meetings for April 11 and May 17. Colleges submitting curriculum and policy proposals for review by the committee need to submit the original and 18 copies NO LATER THAN 5:00 p.m., April 2 for consideration at the April 11 meeting and NO LATER THAN 5:00 p.m., May 8 for consideration at the May 17 meeting.