A Curmudgeon's Guide to the History
of the
Registration and Add Policy and Attendance and Drop Policy
1997-98 to 2000-01

1997-1998 Academic Year

Oct 10, 1997 UCAPC received and discussed its charge to review the Registration/Add Policy and decided to gather information regarding the policies of other Ohio universities.

Nov 13, 1997 UCAPC recommended that the Registration/Add Policy be changed from the first 7 days of the quarter to the first 2 days of the quarter. Recommendation submitted to the FEC for Faculty Senate.

Nov 18, 1997 General Faculty Meeting: UCAPC reported its work on the change in Registration/Add Policy.

Dec 1, 1997 Faculty Senate Meeting: Change in Registration/Add Policy submitted to Faculty Senate. Associate Provost submitted memorandum raising enrollment management issues. Senate requested that UCAPC review issues.

Jan 7, 1998 UCAPC reviewed report and presentation from the Office of Institutional Research regarding student registration and add data. Data supported the notion that late registrations and adds adversely affected student performance (grades). Upon review of the data and in relation to the Associate Provost's memorandum, the committee felt that the proposed change in Policy cannot address or resolve all issues related to student performance, nor was it intended to do so. The committee recommended implementation of the new Registration/Add Policy.

Jan 12, 1998 Faculty Senate meeting: UCAPC reported its findings to the Faculty Senate. Faculty Senate approved the new Registration/Add Policy for Fall 1998 implementation. UCAPC also reported that it was now in the process of reviewing and possibly formulating a drop policy.

Jan 21, 1998 UCAPC formulated and recommended a Drop Policy that would enable faculty to drop students for non-attendance during the first days of classes in, for example, courses that have waiting lists and courses where it is essential for all students who intend to take the course be present.

Feb 2, 1998 Faculty Senate Meeting: Faculty Senate approved new Drop Policy for Fall 1998 implementation.

Feb 24, 1998 General Faculty Meeting: New Registration/Add Policy and Drop Policy reported to faculty.

May 12, 1998 General Faculty Meeting: Vote on Registration/Add Policy (lacked 2/3 vote to overturn the Faculty Senate). Vote on Drop Policy (during discussion the Assistant Provost called for a quorum. Lacked the necessary quorum of 100). Announced that both policies are to be submitted to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

1998-1999 Academic Year

Sept 1998 September 98 issue of Faculty Line reported to the faculty: "...delayed forwarding to the Board of Trustees for final approval the new drop/add policy passed by the General Faculty in May 1998. The delay was needed because the implementation of the new drop/add policy created many procedural issues that are to date unresolved. The delay should strengthen the effectiveness of the new drop/add policy."

Nov 30, 1998 Faculty Senate Meeting: The Faculty Executive Committee and UCAPC reported on the Drop/Add Policy Implementation. Motion made for consideration at the January 11, 1999 meeting to:

1. Mandate that e-mail be the primary method for students to contact faculty.
2. Where e-mail is not possible, contact by telephone
3. Publish in-class schedule, names, and e-mail addresses of faculty who intend to use policy.
4. Postpone implementation of policy until Fall 2000.
Jan 11, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting: Previous November 30 motion withdrawn. New motion that:
"The Drop/Add Policy adopted by the Senate and approved by the faculty be remanded to a committee appointed by the FEC and chaired by Robert Sweeney. The committee will develop a new drop/add policy that embraces the principles of the original policy without the implementation problems."
Feb 23, 1999 General Faculty Meeting: Report from the Faculty Senate that "the Drop/Add Policy committee" will be reporting to Senate each month and something should be ready to present to the faculty by the end of the academic year.

June 7, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting. Proposal for new Add/Drop Policy presented. Moved and seconded to Old Business for next academic year Senate.

1999-2000 Academic Year

Oct 4, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting: New Add/Drop Policy sent to back to UCAPC for review as an attendance policy.

Nov 29, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting: Modified Registration/Add and Attendance/Drop Policy considered as New Business. Moved to Old Business for January 10, 2000 Senate meeting.

Jan 10, 2000 Faculty Senate Meeting: Faculty Senate approved Registration/Add and Attendance/Drop Policy (with slight amendment).

Feb 15, 2000 General Faculty Meeting: Faculty approved Registration/Add and Attendance/Drop Policy Approved.

Apr 7, 2000 Board of Trustees Meeting: Trustees approved registration/Add and Attendance/Drop Policy "as submitted."

Aug 15, 2000 Office of the Provost issues "Guidelines Governing the Implementation of the Registration and Add Policy and Attendance and Drop Policy."

2000-01 Academic Year

Oct 1, 2000 Faculty Senate Meeting. Motion for Revision of Implementation of Registration/Add and Attendance/Drop Policy carried and moved to Old Business for November 6, 2000 Senate meeting. UCAPC charged with review of revision.

Oct 26, 2000 UCAPC, per its charge, started its review of the "Guidelines Governing the Implementation" issued by the Office of the Provost, August 15, 2000. It was generally unaware of the specifics of the issuance of the August 15 "Guidelines Governing ...." the policies.

Oct 31, 2000 UCAPC drafted a revision of the guidelines for recommendation to the Faculty Senate. The committee expressed the opinion that the "Policy" as it regards the designation of courses as enrollment restricted to "Instructor Permission Required" and "Instructor Permission Required after Term Begins" is an established part of the normal curriculum process that emanates with individual faculty, departments, and colleges and proceeds through the required university curriculum review and the Faculty Senate. The committee incorporated this established process in its revision and recommendation to the Senate.

Nov 6, 2000 Faculty Senate Meeting: 


Assembled by G. Thomas Sav from official records, some notes, and a quickly deteriorating memory. The usual disclaimer applies.

October 26 and 31, 2000 Minutes