Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 26 and October 31, 2000 Meeting

Present: Jeanne Fraker, Jennie Gallimore, Joe Law, Richard Mercer, Jan Maxwell, Patricia Renick, Tom Sav, Mark Sirkin, Tim Wood.  Guests: Todd Brittingham (Degree Audit)

Approved Minutes of September 28 as amended to note the UCAPC discussion that departements and colleges should submit course inventory requests (new course proposals) that include a working syllabus, i.e., a syllabus that would be the official syllabus distributed in class.

 Course Modification and Inventory Requests

    Approved Course Inventories:  MGT 101.  The committee thanks Bob Scherer, Crystal Owen, and Brenda Dewberry from the COBA for appearing before the committee, providing an excellent presentation of the Junior Leadership Program, the objectives of the 101 course, and graciously anwering the many questions raised by the UCAPC. 
    Approved Course Modifications: ART 375, ART 377, ART 376, ART 378, ENG 478, ENG 482, ENG 483, ENG 484
    Approved Course Inventories: ART 345, ENG 486, PLS 384
    Course Inventories: PSY 215
    It was determined that the proposal needs to be reviewed and/or coordinated with the College of Liberal Arts, Department of Theatre Arts and resubmitted upon confirmation of approval from Theatre Arts.
    Approved Course Modifcations: ME 481, ME 482
    Approved Course Inventories: ME 481, Me 482
Program Changes
    COLA: Approved Mass Communication Major Request
    Create Visual Communication Specialization
    Interdisciplinary with Departments of Art and Art History and English
    Departmental Requirements: 55/56 hours Total Requirements: 192 hours
Academic Policy
Per the Faculty Executive Committee and Faculty Senate requests to the UCAPC , the committee started its review of the “Guidelines Governing the Implementation of the Registration and Add Policy and the Attendance and Drop Policy” issued by the Office of the Provost, August 15, 2000.  The committee reviewed the original “Policy” as approved by the Faculty Senate, the University Faculty, and the Board of Trustees.  However, it was generally unaware of the specifics of the issuance of the August 15 “Implementation Guidelines” as the document was not previously reviewed by the UCAPC and it was questioned as to whether or not is was reviewed or approved by the Faculty Senate.  Upon review, the committee expressed the opinion that the “Policy” as it regards the designation of courses as enrollment restricted to “Instructor Permission Required” and “Instructor Permission Required after Term Begins” is an established part of the normal curriculum process that emanates with individual faculty/department/college course proposals and proceeds through the required curriculum review of the department/college/university curriculum committees and the Faculty Senate.  The approved mechanism for such designations resides in the submission of Course Modification and Course Inventory Requests for the determination of “Enrollment Restriction.”  The committee considered this long standing procedure for curricular matters as a preferred method of implementing the “Registration/Add and Attendance/Drop Policy.”
After two hours of meeting, the committee decided to recess and reconvene with a special meeting to further address the issue of the Add/Drop Policy "Implementation" on Tuesday, October 31, 2000 at 3:45 p.m.

October 31, 2000

Present: Jeanne Fraker, Jennie Gallimore, Richard Mercer, Tom Sav, Mark Sirkin

Academic Policy

During its two meetings, the committee reviewed and considered, among others, the following documents:
1. Policy Approved by the Senate and Faculty (1/10/00 and 2/15/00)

2. Board of Trustees Approval of Policy (4/7/00)

3. Provost's issuance of "Guidelines Governing" Policy (8/15/00)

4. Four Year Academic History of Policy from 1997-98 to 2000-01
After drafting and amending a revision of "Curriculum Procedure for Implementation of the Registration and Add Policy and Attendance and Drop Policy," the committee decided to submit its final recommendation to the Faculty Senate for consideration at their November 6, 2000 meeting. The committee's recommendation to the Faculty Senate for its November 6, 2000 meeting is as follows:
UCAPC Recomendation for Revision of Provost's "Guidelines"
The UCAPC set its next meetings, tentative, for November 16 and November 30, 2000 at 3:00 p.m.