i_nia.jpgNia Bass

Organizational Leadership
College of Liberal Arts
Class of '09
Attended Sinclair 2003-2007


"I knew that I needed to continue my education with a four-year degree and found out that all of my Sinclair credits were transferable to Wright State. Speaking with the academic advisors and others in the organizational leadership program helped me successfully transfer. A lot of them were non-traditional students like me and had been through the same process."


Curtis Emerick

Mechanical Engineering '09
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Class of '09
Attended Ohio State 2003–05


"The most positive outcome from transferring to Wright State was the ability to focus on school work without all of the other distractions that are present at larger schools; yet, there is enough to do to not get terribly bored. And obviously my degree."

i_anthony.jpgAnthony Enck

Integrated Language Arts Education
College of Liberal Arts
Class of '11
Attended University of Alaska Anchorage 2005–06, Marine Corps/American Council on Education 2002–04


"Wright State has been the perfect fit for me. The university is nationally recognized for the program that I am majoring in, which was very important to me. The university also does a lot to support veterans and has a vested interest in its students."

i_daniel.jpgDaniel LaKovic

International Business
Raj Soin College of Business
Class of '08
Attended Sinclair 2003-2006


"Through the transfer process and my classes, I developed my professional persona. The classes and contacts I've made at Sinclair and Wright State have almost guaranteed my success."


Andrea Palsgrove

Raj Soin College of Business
Class of '06
Attended Sinclair 2006–07


"By transferring to Wright State, I was able to achieve my goal of obtaining a bachelor's degree while caring for my children and gaining hands-on experience from my internship at Wright State."

Paige Piper

College of Liberal Arts
Class of '09
Attended University of Toledo 1999–2002


"At first, I was unsure of what courses would transfer and how long it would take to complete a degree. Was it even possible? How do I get started? I quickly learned that my professors in the French program were my lifelines. Their knowledge and resources are incomparable and any time I had (or have!) questions, they are available, and always go the extra mile. Right away, my advisor and I had mapped out a "plan" so that I knew where I stood at all times."