Hailey Billing

A Mathematics major minoring in Business, choosing Wright State was logical for Hailey Billing: “I had been taking classes at Wright State’s Lake Campus during high school, so the transition to the main campus seemed easy. Also, I was awarded a significant academic scholarship, making the decision even simpler for me.”

Hailey made the transition to the Dayton Campus after her freshman year at the Lake. “Since coming to Wright State,” she says, “I have grown into a more independent woman. The diversity on campus has allowed for some very unique experiences that I'm not sure I could find elsewhere. I have also been exposed to numerous campus organizations that challenge me to become a better person daily and strive to give back to the community every chance I get. I love the passionate staff and faculty. I am continuously meeting new people who are so eager to push me into new directions and encourage me to be the best person I am capable of.”

A student assistant in the President & Provost Office, Hailey finds that her Business minor already contributes to her job knowledge. An active member of the Transfer Student organization, Hailey also enjoys her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, of which she is vice-president.

Wright State has been a good fit for Hailey Billing.