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Lake Campus transitioning students

photo of lake campus students looking at a laptopAre you a Lake Campus student planning to complete a bachelor’s degree at the Dayton Campus? Though it may be intimidating, it is actually easier than you may think to make the transition. You may consider yourself a “transfer” student; however, you do not need to submit a college transcript because we are all Wright State. For this reason, we refer to students like you as “transition” students.

In any given term, students at the Lake Campus can register for Dayton Campus classes and vice-versa. When you start taking all, or the majority, of your classes on the Dayton Campus, you will want to:

  1. Speak to a Dayton advisor in the college of your major or the Transfer Student Resource Center to ensure we update your information in the system. (If you are graduating with a degree from the Lake Campus, then you must fill out a new application in order for us to admit you to pursue your next degree.) Having the proper campus and program designation prevents advising and registration glitches.
  2. Register through WINGS Express just as you’ve done before.
  3. Apply for Housing if you plan to live on campus.
  4. Buy a Dayton Campus parking permit through Parking and Transportation by clicking "Visit My Parking Account."
  5. Buy your books, which you can do online through your WINGS account.
  6. Check out Student Activities for information about student organizations, leadership opportunities, community service, and other more to become involved and get the most out of your college experience.
  7. If you plan to work on campus, check out the Student Employment web site and search the job postings.
  8. Just like the Lake Campus, the Dayton Campus has many resources available, so check out our resource web site for more information about academic, parents’, multicultural, military, technological, and student life resources.

Bring your current Wright1 Card because it works on the Dayton campus as well.

Have questions and don’t know where to turn? Contact us in the Transfer Student Resource Center, and we will point you in the right direction.