Wright State University and Clark State Community College have partnered to provide students a unique environment through the Gateway Program.  Students enrolled in this program will receive support from both schools to ensure a seamless transition from Clark State to Wright State.  In addition to joint advising, students in the Gateway Program will be provided the opportunity to use Wright State facilities.

Clark State will maintain student records and collect all fees, including those levied by Wright State.  Students may apply for financial aid and scholarships at each institution, if they are attending that institution. Visit the Cost Estimator to calculate estimated expenses for enrollment in the Gateway Program.

For more information, please visit:  The Gateway Program or contact the Wright State Transfer Student Resource Center at (937) 775-4830.

Wright State benefits

  • Library privileges
  • IT support
  • Admission to selected athletic and cultural events
  • Access to fitness and student recreation programs
  • Student parking with purchase of permit
  • Option of applying for housing at Wright State
  • Academic advising

Students in the Gateway Program will be assessed fees equivalent to those of Wright State students for extramural activities.

Clark State benefits

  • Library privileges
  • IT support
  • Admission to Clark State events
  • Athletics and intramurals
  • Career services
  • Counseling services
  • Disability services
  • Access to student health insurance
  • Academic advising