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Biomedical Reagents
Environmental Sciences

Surgical Devices
Physical & Biological Material Testing

ENGINEERING/IT Materials and Mechanical Engineering
Digital Imaging


InventionApplicationIP Status
Bioassays PRT-PCR Profiling for the Analysis of Placental (Trophoblast) Cell Lineage
  • Detection of placental disorders such as pre-eclamsia, intra-uterine growth retardation, or trophoblast neoplasms
Provisional filed 05/07/2005
SELDI-TOF Mass Spectroscopy Screening Assay for Inhibitors of SARS
  • Contact TTO for information
Provisional filed
SELDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Screening Assay for Enzymes Involved in Patho-physiological Conditions such as ACE and Renin
  • Clinical diagnostic of any pathological condition involving the modification of activity of a key enzyme;
  • Identification of enzymatic activity in tissue biopsies;
  • Drug discovery: high throughput screening of protein libraries for a particular enzyme whose substrate and product are known;
  • Gene therapy.
Provisional filed
Mutation Rate Assay for HIV-1 in Cell Culture
  • Personalized medicine: monitor HIV patients for adjustment of treatment timing and drug regimen in light of the genomic status of the virus
PCT application
Biomedical Reagents A New Myeloid Cell Line Inducible to Eosinophils
  • The inventors have established a cell line from a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia that will consistently exhibit eosinophilic differentiation in suspension in response to IL-3, IL-5, and GM-CSF
MPD Cell Line
  • Research and drug development, particularly for leukemia and allergies
Environmental Sciences In Situ Bioaccumulation Chambers
  • Contact TTO for information


InventionApplicationIP Status
Bioimaging Evaluation of Cortical Bone by CT
  • Contact TTO for information
Evaluation of Structural Width Density by CT
  • Contact TTO for information
Screening Tool for Osteoporosis
  • Imaging the mandible using phantoms to evaluate bone density. Provides early detection of osteoporosis
US patent filed
Surgical Devices Novel Patellar Fixation Device
  • A non-invasive device to maintain bone fragments together without the need of drilling/wiring/nailing
US provisional filed
Physical and Biological Material Testing Evanescent Microwave Microscopy Probe and Methodology
  • A non invasive method and apparatus detecting changes in electromagnetic properties of materials and soft tissues;
  • QA/QC of materials;
  • Early diagnosis of soft tissue abnormalities, e.g. pre-symptomatic detection of tumors, monitoring of wound healing, of post-surgical procedures
US patent pending


InventionApplicationIP Status
Materials and Mechanical Engineering Method for Reducing Stress in Components w/Thin Coatings
  • A laser technique that permits better cohesion in assemblies of heterogeneous materials, such as semi-conductor chips;
  • Contact TTO for information
Issued US patent # 6,893,986 - 5/17/2005
A Novel Method for Fabrication of Small Diameter Continuous Polymer and Ceramic Fibers
  • Novel wet-spinning technique for fabrication of long continuous nanofilaments with true nanoscale cross-section suitable for collection, spooling and further processing
US provisional filed
Method for Measuring the Wall Thickness of a Tube
  • A method allowing simultaneous measurement of the thickness of walls in microtubes using ultra-sounds;
  • Useful for QA/QC applications when the inner tube diameter must be precise and tightly controlled;
  • Medical device industry;
  • Laboratory instrumentation
US patent 6,634,233 - 10/21/2003
Thin-Film Coating Process for Surface Activation Control
  • Contact TTO for information
Continuous Severe Plastic Deformation Process
  • An energy-efficient process permitting the fabrication of continuous or semi-continuous metallic billets or bars displaying high strength;
  • Target Industry: metal
US patent pending
Device for Measuring Abrasive Properties of Paper
  • Target industries: paper manufacturers and converters
US 6,612,150 - 09/02/2003; licensed
Method of Reducing Internal Stress in Materials
  • Target industries: semiconductors, IC, chip manufacturers
US Patent no. 6,893,986, issued May 17, 2005
Electrical Cognitive Radio: An Adaptative Waveform with Spectral Sharing Capability
  • Wireless/electronics industry: this technology aims to expand spectrum efficiency and alleviate spectral limitations associated with the proliferation of wireless applications
US patent filed
Spectrum Re-Use Employing Transform Domain Communication Systems (TDCS)
  • Contact TTO for information
Linear/NonLinear Frequency dependent RFID with 3-D Positioning
  • Contact TTO for information
US Patent pending; licensed
Digital Imaging Mechanism for Object-Centered 3-D Scanning
  • Contact TTO for information
Software Automated Data Collection and Triage Analysis of Forensic DNA Evidence
  • Criminal proceedings
US patents pending; licensed
RAPTOR: Graphical Display for Friendly Combat Resources
  • Near-real time resource deployment decision analysis tool providing a unique user-friendly graphic display that enables instant comparison of various resource parameters as well as progress according to plan. Although written for handling combat situations, this software could easily be adaptable to the development of novel decision-making programs for a broad range of civilian business application such as in the financial, construction and architectural markets, or for materials engineering applications.
US provisional patent. Partnering sought to develop applications for alternate market applications.
Method for Improving Three Dimensional Computer Designing of Automotive and Aircraft Parts
  • Target industry: forging
3-D Handheld Bodyscan System for Clothing Design
  • Target industry: apparel manufacturing and contractors
HIExTM Shared Community Health Record Accessed across the Internet
  • HIExTM is a community care secured relational database fully HIPAA compliant for ambulatory care providers. HIExTM gathers a broad range of medical, epidemiological, and demographic information on patients visiting ambulatory points of care. The database would be accessible to all subscribers in real time, and allows for text entry of contextual notes. This database is user friendly, has three levels of security, and is expected to help decrease cost of care and medical errors.
  • This is a handheld data acquisition software integrated with a desktop synchronization and server publishing system allowing nursing students to compile data gathered from their clinical experiences in less than 3 minutes for about 20 screens. Supervising faculty can track clinical progress of their students especially when they conduct their clinical training in remote geographical areas. Diagnosis. The software is HIPAA compliant.
The database is copyrighted and trademarked. It is available for licensing.
Handheld Data Acquisition Software
  • Target industry: distance learning (clinical applications)
Comparative Web Search
  • Search engine companies

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