Wright State University home page. From Invention to Market 2003: Celebrating the 
Commercial Power of Innovation


I invite you to attend the annual Wright State technology forum on Wednesday, May 7, in the Student Union. This year's theme is "From Invention to Market" and will feature technology transfer and marketing seminars, as well as a showcase of inventions presented by WSU faculty and students that have grown out of their university research. This is a unique opportunity to have a "sneak preview" of technologies that will drive Wright State's effort to contribute to the Ohio economy.

-- President Kim Goldenberg    

Mark your calendars! Wednesday, May 7, 2003 is Wright State's "FROM INVENTION TO MARKET 2003" forum organized at the Student Union by the WSU Technology Transfer Office. Over 20 commercially promising technologies will be featured at the showcase along with 5 seminars dedicated to Technology Transfer & Commercialization including an IP primer, and a panel discussion on Communication Management. Contact Isabelle Gorrillot, associate director for Technology Transfer at 775-2651 or e-mail her at: isabelle.gorrillot@wright.edu. We look forward to seeing you then!

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