WSU Sustainability Welcomes 2014-15!

WSU Sustainability Welcomes 2014-15!

As you arrive or return to campus this for the start of Fall Semester 2014, be sure you look around campus.

Look around as you come on to campus and as you walk from class to class. In addition to even more recycle containers around campus, we now have 2 Zip Cars.



And two new charging stations for EV's (electric vehicles) in 2 locations.

So look around, check out what's taking place on campus. Watch the progress of the new buildings going up. Take time this fall to take a relaxing hike on one of the many trails in our beautiful two hundred acres of Woods that are right on campus.


One good way for you to have your own adventures is to Get Involved! Join a club, make new friends, do community service projects. Be sure to let us know what other Green Initiatives you'd like to see on campus and let us know:




August is Here and We're Overgrowin!

We're just getting past the middle of the growing season and all our veggies and fruits are ready to be picke! We've donated everything from cucumbers, potatoes, watermelons, tomatoes, and kale to the Dayton Good Neighbor House Food Pantry: a grand total of 100 pounds of produce!

Volunteers are always welcome. If you're interested in helping us harvest, donate veggies, or weed the garden feel free to e-mail our sustainability intern Lindsey at

If you have any questions for the Dayton Good Neighbor House you can call them at (937) 224-3003 or visit them at 627 East First Street Dayton, Ohio 45402.

Flower in gardenFlower in gardenFlower in garden







Have You Noticed Our New Signs?

Image of SignThat's right, one of our front beds is filled with plants generously donated by Chartwells here on campus. They will be tending to the garden throughout the season and in honor of that we had new signs made for them. The garden itself is starting to really pick up and we'll be making our first donations very soon.

Donations just don't go to the pantry here on campus, but to the Dayton Food Pantry as well.

If you know of another pantry in the Fairborn area of would like to donate some food yourself, send us an e-mail. Also, let us know if you'd like to donate any plants or volunteer for our de-weeding event at:


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Sustainability Events

Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup

September 13, 2014
9:00 a.m. to Noon
Mandatory Safety Briefing Beforehand at 9:00 a.m. in 264 Brehm Lab.

Coffee, bagels and vests provided

Wear boots and bring thick work gloves, water, hat and sunscreen

To sign up contact: Office of Earth & Environmental Sciences (937) 775.2201

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