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Earth Day 2013 – 43 years after the First Earth Day!

Thankfully, the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 on April 22. Prior to 1970, there was very little regulation of industry in the U.S. The resulting damage was daily pollution and dumping of industrial waste. Environmental degradation led to disasters like chemical waste in the Cuyahoga River catching fire; the Love Canal disaster and many, many more. These disasters caused by allowing industry to police themselves. They didn’t. Instead industries were taking shortcuts and improperly disposing of dangerous chemical waste products proving that we needed to clean up our environmental act by enacting industrial regulations. 

It took years of battling the chemical industry giants for Rachel Carson’s 1962 best selling book, "Silent Spring", to bring to light the health and environmental impacts of widespread chemical use as pesticides and herbicides. The result was 10 years of research and congressional investigations that lead to stronger regulations of hazardous chemicals like DDT. The Environmental Protection Agency (U. S. EPA) ( was created to over see the enforcement of the regulations that came out of these scientific findings. 

We have come a long way but still have a ways to go like reducing human impact on the natural environment. With 7 billion human beings, our impact is huge and in the U.S., our footprint is an even larger one. Turning the battleship around and decreasing our impact, starts with each of us making responsible decisions everyday. Some of those choices are as simple as recycling or not buying bottled water.  

The video "Tapped" tells the impacts of the petrochemicals used in the production of the plastic bottles, the water harvesting for profit that is taking place, the costs of transporting the bottles, more energy to keep them cool and finally the low rate of recycling of those empties The total overall costs make bottled water one of the biggest hoaxes marketed to the world. We in America for the most part are fortunate to have safe, clean abundant water supply ( that is well regulated to keep it that way (bottled water is not regulated but is often just good old fashion common tap water—but the industry doesn’t want you to know!).

So, this April, join us in celebrating life on this amazingly beautiful planet we call Earth! We will have events all throughout the month of April to celebrate Earth Day 2013. Do your part—change those habits that really don’t benefit you, cost you money and harm the environment. Check out "Silent Spring", click on the websites above, and look up other helpful other credible, reliable sources and Earth-saving information achieved on this website.

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Your daily actions speak louder than words.

How you can make a difference every day

In this column we will explore more topics, people, ideas and projects related to sustainability during 2015 – 2016.

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